Jun 20 2011

The thing is, I don’t like Watermelon

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I think it is probably one of the few pieces of fruit I just can’t warm up to.

It is usually cold and watery. I don’t get the whole spitting seeds thing, the seedless ones taste no different, they are just seedless.

The Chef, on the other hand, loves watermelon. Well, he loved watermelon when we lived in the US. Now, he just eats it once or twice a year because it does not grow here in the boglands of Galway and we are locavores for the most part.

Usually, around the 4th of July each year, he gets a craving for his favourite fruit and he starts trekking around to all the village markets tapping their melons and sniffing their skins to see if any one of them will stand up to his impossible-to-please-palate.

Then he buys one, pretends he likes it because he knows he can’t find a nicer one, and then complains the evening away about the lack of decent watermelons in Ireland.

And, if you know the Chef, you know he does most of this without uttering a single word. He just seethes.

I belong to a #ColdCoffeeClub on Twitter. I love it. I’m an early riser and am usually awake a good hour before everyone else in the house. I get to chat with my friends on Twitter whilst we all drink our coffee. Usually, the coffee gets cold very fast because the banter is brilliant.

Every few weeks, one of the #coffeegals comes up with a new assignment and we all participate in a  words n’ photo way on our blog. You don’t have to take part if you don’t want to, but it kind of forces you to do something a little different.

The current assignment is to do a photo assignment and recipe with Watermelon.

Straight away, I declined, because

(1). I do not like watermelon and

(2). You cannot get a decent watermelon here. They are yellowish and even more watery/tasteless than normal.

However, I was kind of coerced into doing it by my buddy Simone Van de Berg from JungleFrog Cooking blog and because I admire her skill and talent (photography/writing) so much, I decided I better give it a shot.

But, wait a fecking minute. This assignment called for taking TWO photos. The first one of the melon and the second one of the melon being used in a recipe.

So not only did I have to bust out the camera manual (grrr) I actually had to make a menu item with said melon and then try to convince the household to eat something I don’t ‘like’.

Good night!

I suddenly felt the urge…………….

To have a Drink.

Something Pink.

Whatcha Think?

Móna’s Melon Martini

I used a whole watermelon and made a very large jug full of juice for the kids. The photo above is the one with the tequila/watermelon juice/lime juice and mint simple syrup. But for added flavour I added in some black-currants from my Mum’s garden because they are in season and she has boat loads of them. That is the deeper pink martini below. Although there is nothing wrong with the plain ole Melon Martini, I preferred the one with the black-currant juice.

Now, for the ingredients – you might as well go ahead and make a pitcher full.

Before you get started, hack up your melon and throw it in your food processor. I managed to get a ‘almost seedless’ watermelon (at Tesco) so did not have to worry about de-seeding. Once it is all blended,  get a strainer and some muslin/cheesecloth and leave it sitting and straining. (Use the pulp to make frozen yoghurt popsicles for kids).

Oh, keep a large slice of watermelon for garnish.


Juice of one Watermelon

1 cup of mint simple syrup (more if you like it sweet!)

(The syrup is easy to make. A handful of mint leaves, 2 cups of sugar in the raw, 1/2 cup of water. Bring to boil and let cool. There you go. Syrup done).

Juice of 4 Limes

Juice of 2 lemons

Vodka ( or whatever floats your boat. I used Tequila!)

For the rest of the photos click right here!

Those are all the WiseWords I have for today,


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  • Oh yum Móna!!! This looks so refreshing!

    • Well, considering I do not like watermelon, it was surprisingly delicious.
      I might even make it again. I am a die hard cocktail maker though, so am pretty
      talented at making something drinkable……….. ;0)
      Thanks for the visit! Next time have a tequila!
      Móna xx

  • Pretty impressive for a woman who doesn’t like watermelon! 😉

    • Tx Lorna! I have a few hidden ‘talents’ and oneof them is my affinity
      For a cocktail shaker…..

  • See… watermelon is not so bad once you set yourself to it. To be honest; it is not my fruit of choice either but the ice and the salad that I made were both delicious. Still need to do the write up though!

    • I know. I was shocked because it did not really taste like watermelon at all once in the cocktail shaker.
      I am looking forward to your write up (as always) because I want to try your ice recipe.
      I mixed the fleshy pulp from my cocktail adventure into yoghurt and froze it and the kids ate it ALL!
      So I might make your recipe with the next watermelon we get.
      Wow – looking forward to the Sushi snaps!
      Móna xx

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  • *Slainte* love your cocktail. Seems like we had a similar idea what to do with that fricking watermelon ;o)

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