Jun 24 2011

What does #FF mean on Twitter (Week 3)

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Ah ha! It is Friday and whaddaya know. I am making time for my #FF weekly update only I normally do not get around to doing it until Saturdays so I like to refer to as #SS (Seek Saturday).

Here is a link to Week 1 and Week 2 if you are out of the loop.

On a side note, the reason I am hitting y’all up all bright and early this Friday morning is because in a few hours we take on a few more kids for the weekend. We offer weekend respite to other foster parents over the course of the summer. It gives them a break and it keeps our kids in ‘cool-kid-camp’ for short bursts of time. So starting at 1:00pm today, there will be 8 kids under the age of 10 at Chez Wise.

My blog post on Monday will detail how it all went and most importantly how we get them all to ‘eat’ the same thing – at every meal.

Alrighty then, here is my list of people you should be following on Twitter and blogs you should be looking at every week.

Numbers ONE – FOUR are the instructors from the Plate2Page Workshop I attended in Weimar, Germany. They are funny, smart, strong, sassy, creative, talented, gorgeous women. You can listen to an interview featuring all four of them right here!

They are what ‘teachers’ are made of.

Meeta K. Wolff


What’s for lunch honey

Wow. Look at her food lads. Every single photo is gorgeous. She spends hours working on the right light, searching for the right piece of food, finding the right plate, the perfectly iron napkin, then, once everything that is already perfect and needs nothing else, she dolls it all up with the most carefully strung together list of lovely words to send you right over the edge into food oblivion.

Now, I have met her. And I know that her kitchen can get messy, but you would never ever catch a hint of this from reading her blog. She is 100% professional in everything she does. Hat’s off to Meeta. I want to be like her when I grow up.

Jeanne Horak-Druiff



Ok. An incredibly talented gal from South Africa who is living in London. I would go as far as to say that when you go to London, just use her blog as a guide on where to eat. She reviews restaurants and does a damn fine job of this.

Jeanne is a writer first and also takes her own photos. She has a gorgeous flair for all things floral and pretty and always manages to put effective adjectives in the right order leaving you lingering for the next bite.

Jeanne, is also one of those gals that has lyrics in her head all day long and at any given moment you can expect her to belt out every word of the Abba Gold CD and expect chastising if you don’t join in.

I am hoping she will pop over to visit me soon, as we live so close, so we can have a fun foodie weekend together.

Ilva Beretta


Lucullian Delights

I love Ilva because she swears. There. I’ve said it.

Ok, I love her because she captures everything I see and if I ever get better at taking photos (I know, read the manual Móna) I want to take photos like her.

She is a gal from Sweden who lives in Tuscany. She eats what’s local and in season. She embraces nature and it’s array of colours.

Ilva likes to chat about her kids. I do too. I love that she does not sugarcoat life in any way, yet everything in her world seems so sweet.

I wish I was going to the next Plate2Page workshop in Tuscany (who wouldn’t!) because I would love to visit Ilva on her turf.

Jamie Schler


Life’s a Feast

Ah. Jamie.

An American girl living in France and has also lived in Italy for several years.

Jamie writes for the Huffington Post and let me tell you, this girl can write. I envy her talent. I sometimes open a bottle of wine and sit down, like you would with a book, and get lost in the stories she tells. So much so that I have to ask the question ‘Jamie, is there a book forthcoming?’

I know, just from being in college, that when you have so much to say and can say it so beautifully every time, and have what most writers envy and covet — a seemingly bottomless pit of words — there has to be a bigger project on the back burner. Please, please, please, tell me there is.

And finally on to my last one for this week, bringing up the rear at number five:

Kelly Exeter


I love pretty things

See. The thing is. I love pretty things too.

You probably can’t tell this about me if you come to visit our house. But that is just because we have moved so much over the last 5 years and I have LOTS of small children around here that make a mess of everything pretty. So most of my pretty stuff is still packed away in boxes in the attic.

For now, I just look at other people’s pretty things and Kelly never fails to make me go ‘oh, that is so pretty’.

And even sometimes it is small, and poignant. A wordless post with a photo. She has a beautiful style. And if you are ever stuck for inspiration, I think her site is a great place to play.

That is all for this week folks. My snippet of six for you to preview is Stitch and Bear and I will blab a bit more about this one next week.

Those are all the WiseWords I have for today.


Oh and I forgot. Incase you want to follow me on the Twitter Machine then just click right here!

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  • Sweetest Mona, or should I add a swear word to that? Noo I’m too shy on your turf or let’s pretend I’m too well behaved. Thank you so much for your NICE words, you are a truly fabulous person, warm and generous and we all love you! (and now I’m off with one of the little buggers to get some food, NOT seasonal because I’m doing a recipe feature shoot so we eat like in October this week…even Marco has woken up and now look at food mags in a completely new way, nothing is what it seems…)

    • Had you decided to swear right here on my turf I would have loved you all the more!
      Oh it feels like an October evening here today but we are having ……. pizza!
      Enjoy the sunshine and send a little my way please…

  • Boy oh Boy, you take my breath away with your kind, generous words! You are a star and I can easily repay the compliment with the same: you are one talented writer (not to mention a fun, funny, sassy, generous and brilliant woman) and I cannot wait for YOUR book to come out! Shall we coordinate our book tours so we can travel together? Thanks so much for highlighting the Team. We are each just so thrilled to have had you a part of our initiation journey and to now have you for a friend and inspiration!

    • Thanks Jamie. Oh my God! Imagine how much fun we would have on a foodie-fun-fab-book tour….I am thinking summer of 2013…. When I am all graduated and smart (says she hopefully!)…. Can you pencil that in?

  • Oh Mona, you rock! (not to mention talented and of impeccable taste ;o)) Thanks SO MUCH for choosing to highlight the Plate 2 Page team here and for your kind and generous words – they mean the world to me. And yes, it is true, my head is 80% full of song lyrics at any given moment! Mamma mia indeed 🙂

    • Well, I would say your head is filled with lots more than song lyrics . . . Smart woman that you are,
      But my husband (the creative and talented one) has music in his head all the time too and knows the lyrics of every song…
      Except Abba…….the P2P team deserve all the highlighting you gals can get. I can’t wait to participate again!

  • Thank you Mona! But trust me when I say you do not need to be anyone else but you – because you are a sweet, strong and hilariously lovely woman and I have come to cherish you immensely. Besides no one can cook beef like you can ;o) You make it sound as if I have everything under control – not always – there is plenty of chaos and disarray here! LOL!

    • Ah Meeta…. See that is another reason to love you all the more. You might have chaos and disarray in your life but you can camouflage so beautifully. Someday I hope to see a photo of the chaos….. Make a believer outta me please!
      Anyway, thanks for the ‘be myself’ line. I am working on it and am grateful to have you lassies as such great role models!

  • Thanks for enlightening me on #FF – I missed out on the social media gene so it takes a while for these things to dawn. Also thanks for the intro to some really interesting blogs. Hope you are having a great weekend.

    • Hi Hester,
      Glad to be of service. I am so slow myself in figuring things out.
      You know, your blog is on the line up :0) for my #Seek Saturday.
      So pretty.
      Hope you are wearing wellies. Pure puddles everywhere!

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