Jun 11 2011

What does #FF mean on Twitter

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Alrighty then. I have said it before, and I will continue to say this. I, Móna Wise, am a slow learner. Now, to be fair to the ‘diagnosed’ slow learners out there, I have not been diagnosed with ‘slowlearnedness’ this is just something I know about myself. It takes me FOR-ever to figure some things out, or catch on to what something really means.

Several months ago I joined the ranks of ‘twitter users’ and have finally started to embrace Twitterville. I have encountered lots of fantastic ‘virtual’ friends on this magic machine of communications and think it deserves all the hype it gets.

I also kind of dislike it, because unless you whore yourself out (and possibly run the risk of annoying the shit out of people) then you kind of do not get anywhere fast.

The whole idea of Twitter is to get ‘followed‘ so if you are not being followed and interacted with daily then you feel like a complete loo-za-her…….at least, this is what I have been told.

So how do you get people to follow you? Easy. You meet them in person, have a laugh and then presto they follow you and you follow them. Then every Friday there is this thing called #FF on Twitter where everyone goes through their list of ‘followers’ and recommends you ‘follow’ them.

I like this, because not only does it open up the door to a whole new bunch of cool people, if you spend a bit of time nosing about you can find a whole bunch of new websites and blogs out there. It’s kinda like the ‘golden pages’ of Twitter. Except someone else (a trusted friend or follower) has done the work for you.

Back to the story now. So what does this #FF stand for? Well it should be easy enough to figure out, considering the story I just told y’all but seeing as you are dealing with me, who is slow to figure, here is what I came up with:







I worry about myself sometimes. In the end, I had to turn to the old reliable Google and of course found the answer which, like I said, is self-explanatory:

#FollowFriday. Duh…

Now, you would think this would be a great place to end this little story wouldn’t you?

Ha ha ha – you are so wrong.

Here is the thing. I have FOUR children and Friday’s just do not work for me. I have to make sure the house is clean, the laundry’s done and the air of zen hangs heavy in the hallways before the kids get home from school to destroy my life for 48 hours. Ok, maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration but anyone who has every been to my house on a Friday afternoon will attest to the fact that this is the ultimate moment when the shit-hits-the-fan every week. The kids come home like howling hurricanes destroying the neatness of every room in the house and flithering and tearing into their free time like turbulent tornadoes. And, because we do not give a shit are excellent parents, we let them be kids and blow off their weekly steam.

I can’t do the #FF (Follow Fridays on Twitter) because time is so sparse, so I have decided to do a #SS instead.

Note: ‘Follow’  means to travel behind, go after, or come after;

So what does #SS stand for?

It is ‘Seek Saturday‘ silly.

Here is a tiny list of people I like, blogs I read and my latest girl crushes mostly. So if you have a bit of time on Saturday (or a Sunday even) then you can Seek out these folks, have a goo at their blogs/websites/twitter profile pages and decide if any of them an their ethoses suit your style.

Due to the fact that I LOVE lots of people, I will only limit myself to a ‘Fab Five‘ with a ‘SnippentOfSixth‘ every week. They will all be fabulous, in no particular order and they may or may not be on twitter or Facebook, but all have a blog.

Of course, once they doddle on over here to read this (and I am sure they will – hi guys!) I am hopeful if they are on any of the aforementioned social media sites and I have not ‘found’ them, that they will show themselves and guide us all in the right direction.

Let’s start with the lovely and talented

Suzanne Campbell

Food journalist, author of Basketcase with Philip Boucher-Hayes. Writes for The Irish Times, Irish Independent and contributes to RTE on food and farming issues.
I think one of the main reasons I wanted to start with this lass is because on May 15th 2011 Suzanne wrote a lovely post saying ‘au-revoir’ to the land of bloggers because she was taking some much earned time of to have baby number 2. I was so impressed. What a gal. So talented and well-respected in her journalistic/professional field, bowing out of the rat-race to nest and mother. I was also quite a bit pissed of because I had only been reading and following her words for about 6 months so I felt cheated out of a great ‘source’ to go to when I needed to read the ‘truth’ on a foodie matter.
Yesterday, and less than one-month later, my google-reader alerted me to the fact that ‘basketcase blog’ was back! Oh, the sheer joy.
Considering I have never had a maternity leave in my life and still have four kids, I totally understand the ‘must work’ ethos. Even with the sleep deprivation one suffers through with newborns. This does not make you a bad mother. It makes you exceptional.
Follow this lady. She rocks.

Imen McDonnell

American Girl Tweeting From An 18th Century Farm in the Irish Countryside. Food/Farm/Design. TV + Ad Producer In Previous Life. Irish Country Living Columnist.
I just love popping over to visit this site. All American girl, fell madly in love with an Irish farmer, upped sticks and moved to Ireland and married him. A lovely love story, a perfectly clean and visually vibrant blog. I imagine that her beautiful country home and life is immaculate and perfect like her blog and it makes me very envious. Imen captures the beauty of a farming life in her words and photos. Oh, and to make it even nicer, she has great recipes. The kind of stuff we like. A bit o’ the Irish with the American flair. Blended family, country cooking.
Stalk her a little, follow her if you like, envy her life even.
Next on my #SS list is

Lorna Sixsmith

Online Shopkeeper of a home, gift and lifestyle store. Mum to 2. Married to dairy farmer in rural Ireland. Loves Life. Hate paperwork.
Now, Lorna is what I like to refer to as an ‘all-rounder’. I met her on-line, then in person and she is the kind of gal I can go-to for anything. To bitch about my husband, to buy something when I need that special gift for someone (or for myself!) and to talk endlessly to someone about parenting, fostering and fertility.
But the real reason I love her is because she ‘does it all’ AND raises gorgeous goats as well. This means, that someday, I will be able to do it all too, and have goats.
Mum’s are exceptional people. I actually hate the term ‘Mummy blogger’ or ‘Mommy blogger’ because I think it pigeon holes you into something you might not want to be (only) known for. But to be honest, if you look at the way this list has started off – well, they are all Mum’s and then some!
Moving on to the 4th on my list of ‘Fab Five’…………I will take you to another Galway girl.

Mise (pronounced Mee-sha)

Pretty Far West Blog

Oh, god. I just love this blog. I have not found the funny and fabulous Mise on Facebook or Twitter and it might be that she has no interest in doing anything there because she is doing just fine where she is.

I go here for the serenity. For the humour. For the colour. For the love of fabrics. For the real life stories of being a friend, a Mum, a writer, a worrier.

My favourite page on her blog is this FAQ. I read it when I need to laugh.

Make time to troll through her words and photos. I love talented women and especially those that share their stories. Sign up via email so you never miss her words.


Now, last but by no means least, we stumble upon one of my new favourites.

Alex Evelyn


Her own words from her blog:

‘I do love to feed people. I have found myself cooking for hungry divers on a research boat on the Red Sea, skiers fresh-off the Swiss slopes, and for gnarly cowboys in Wyoming. This year I’ve got a new challenge. One year, 52 recipes – chutneys, pickles, relishes, ketchups and mustards. Its going to be a year immersed in vinegar and sugar’

Bring it on Alex. The reason that I love this blog and Alex is one of my newest ‘girl crushes’ is because she makes the ordinary everyday look like a photo out of a ‘Mini Boden’ catalogue. And she makes Gooseberry Jelly. I love Gooseberry Jam (or jelly) more than any other jam or jelly in the world.

If you can stand to look at her blog and not be hungry for the beautiful bounty that nature alone can produce, then you are in the wrong place my friend.

So there you have it. A great way to launch my #SS list for Twitter. It also forces you to slow down the speed of tweetville and be a bit lazy on the weekends.



Before I wrap up for today I want to give mention to one more little blog (that I will feature next week for sure). Kristen from DinnerduJour has launched a new blog called Edible Ireland. It looks like a ‘book in the making’ already and she has only been live for a few weeks. More on this chick next week.


Those are all the WiseWords I have for today!


Oh, and on a side note, these chicks get all the respect because they are not whoring themselves out to get ‘friended or followed’. They are all that and a bag of chips!

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  • What lovely descriptions of us all Móna and I’m honoured to be included in it. Suz actually rang me some time ago re a feature she is doing for the Irish Times on dairy farmers and their alternative enterprises but I didn’t realise she was due baby number 2. Small world!
    I have yet to meet Mise and Imen too 🙂
    Just back from a school sponsored cycle – phew, wish I could put my feet up now but contractors need their tea apparently!

    • God Lorna – you just never get a break! Well done on the bike ride!

  • Ok. I am now officially in LOVE with you Mona. I am only just seeing this now and I am head over heels flattered by this mention. I really love your blog and love sharing it as well. Oh, am also crap at #FF…it just never works out on Friday. And oh, again…I was only thinking today that I am a total failure at modern acronyms…I wasn’t sure about FF for a long time, also I though that LOL meant love you lots (LOL) and now people keep closing emails to me with BRG (how lazy!). I still don’t know what SMDH is. Anyway, thank you for the compliment here. My writing/cooking/blog has been an absolute life saver for me during a challenging adjustment so your words are very meaningful to me!
    Hopefully we will meet for coffee soon.
    I adore Galway or you could bring your family and stay with us for a wkend at the farm this fall.
    Imen xx

    • Imen!
      I am dying to Google BRG and SMDH……I hate when people sign off with anything shortened….
      To right it is just lazybones at work.
      Hey, I hear you on the challenges of adjusting to Irish life.
      I, born and raised here, was gone so long it has taken years of settling back in.
      We will meet for coffee and then some very soon, and although I would love to take you up
      On a stay at the farm (how lovely) let’s wait till you meet the brats …….. ;0)
      Thanks Imen…xxx

  • I’m honoured, Móna, thanks! And such tremendous company to be in – I admire the ever-energetic Lorna and exuberant Imen, and am delighted you’ve led me to discover Suzanne, Alex, and a snippet of Kirsten.

    • Well deserved Mise. And yes, I think y’all are a fantastic bunch of women.

  • Ever energetic! Oh, Mise, My husband would laugh to read that. Unfortunately it has been my lot in life to marry a very energetic workaholic so compared to him I am a total waste of space 🙂
    This was a lovely post Móna and I’ve enjoyed checking out my newbies and adding them to my google reader,
    Hope you all have a lovely weekend

  • I’m here Mona because you were one of the fabulous people at P2P; along with my friends Ken, Jenn, Jamie and Meeta. Now…I would follow you on Twitter BUT I see nothing on this page that gives me your Twitter ID. I admit I’m a Twitter whore…so be very careful cause once you get the hang of it, it’s not hard to have that happen!

    • Thank you Barbara – for reading and commenting.
      I suppose it would have been really funny had I included a nice big
      plea to ‘follow me’ but I was just following along the #FF in the
      Hopes you would look at some of the people I follow ;0)
      I’m @WiseMona btw and I will seek you out right away..

  • Hi Mona
    I’ve just had a chance to read this properly. Thank you SO much for such a lovely mention. I wish that my life were really like a Boden photo shoot, I hardly feel like I’ve got my head above water most of the time.
    Secondly, I so understand what you mean about Fridays and children – and I only have 2 (can’t quite decide whether to go for number 3, any opinions welcome, how does one make up ones mind?!)
    Thirdly, thank you so much for your twitter tutorial. I can’t get my head around it at all, my husband is a total addict and I am trying to learn but just can’t quite understand it. But FF’s I now know about, so thank you.

    • You are most welcome Alex. A lovely list of ladies for sure.
      Hmmm…..I think you straddle a fine line between the 2nd and 3rd child window.
      See, the first one is the start of a new family dynamic. By the time the 2nd one coe along you are (usually) ready for the 1st one to have a playmate.
      Things settle down and life (although very different) is manageable and you even get to have a bit of adult freedom again.
      That is when you loose your marbles and think ‘ah what’s one more to the mix?’………….
      Stop. Do not pass go. Do not collect €200.
      You will be outnumbered. If you have extended family on your side and in the vicinity (and I do – lucky me) then yes – full steam ahead.
      If you and your spouse are parenting ‘alone’ and barely see enough of each other as it is, then cool your heels for a bit……
      We have 4 and most likely will have a few more because we just can’t say no. In a way, I am starting to feel glad I have never been able to biologically reproduce. Can you imagine……there would be no stopping me!
      No matter what……..kids enrich your life like nothing else. AND it totally totally DOES get easier the more you have. Fact.
      Thanks for the visit and comment(s)…
      Móna xx

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