Dec 1 2011

Thankful for Thanksgiving

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The thing I LOVE about blogging the most is my readers. You keep me on my toes! I have not blogged in eight days and got a flurry of emails yesterday and today from readers wondering ‘why so quiet?’ and ‘is everything ok?’. Here is my response to those emails in a little photo blog below; Freshly blogged.



So, first I was distracted when our friends came to visit and then one of the kids had an allergic reaction to the mountain of American candy that they were force fed.

Blogging? When? This was a real crises.


Oh – and it was contagious.


The next distraction I was struggling with was the list of things that needed to be polished and ironed.

Sometimes, I just want to play house.



So I did.



Next up was the arduous task of making the best cranberry sauce in the world.

Beautiful berries with a cup of sugar, the zest and juice of one orange. Simmer for an hour and viola..cranberry sauce at the ready.

OR plop one out of a tin can all the way from America and watch it slip n’ slide all over the plate.



And there were a few more, eh, distractions……..



Really Chef?………… Why?



There was all that picking of green beans and then their was the turkey to pluck. (we totally had one in the freezer).


We ate a much smaller bird………no need to be gluttons ya know.


Oh. And there was Pie.

Sweet divine sour cherry pie….. this is a memory worth reliving.



And a new tradition was born……… coma for the morning after Thanksgiving… Turkey Crêpes.

Sounds fancy doesn’t it. It was. The hollandaise made it so.



I hated being away from Blogtopia. I missed the banter of Twitter at telly time in the evening and all the Facebook fun in the mornings.

I realise the errors of my ways and hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. It was, after all, only for a few days. Mere hours, really.

Recipes for the terrific turkey crêpes is coming out in the Nuacht Chláir Christmas issue and the Cherry Pie recipe was picked up by the Tuam Herald. Both will be available on line next week ish and I will be sure to guide you in the right direction once they are made available to the viewing public.

Having spent the last week with our friends who traveled so far to be with us for a lovely Irish Thanksgiving, we are truly thankful for all our friends, real or virtual, and hope to hear from you all over the holidays be it online or a good old fashioned Christmas card!

Also and on a much more important note, our WiseWords Christmas Newsletter was emailed out to all subscribers today.

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Those are all the WiseWords I have for today,


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  • Yes, we have missed you too, but spending time with family and special friends, is much more important. Love your cranberry jelly in a can..makes life much easier.

    • Ha ha ha – Thanks Collette. Yes, it does make life easier, but I can’t say it tasted good. It was a ‘weird’ texture to say the least.
      We had a very lovely time with our friends and I feel like I was on holiday myself with all we ate, drank and saw.
      I will blog about the touristy highlights in a few days. So lucky are we to live on this island.
      Thanks for the comment xx

  • Oh my goodness you had the French fried onions! I guess that green bean casserole is one of those things you just have to grow up with to like. 🙂

    • Well we did have them but they are not a favourite of mine. I prefer the red hot French fried onion rings I did for the Bord Bia cook off
      Earlier this year…. The casserole is nice if you make it from scratch. The one from tinned mushroom soup and green beans out of the can tastes like it should…. And the Chef loves every bite, Frenchs onions and all ;0)

  • Apparently you did not have the same fine weather this year as I got when I visited last Thanksgiving?? Lol, glad you all had a wonderful holiday together. I spent a couple lovely days with Christine in Victoria followed by a couple more with my little brother’s family in Seattle. Lots of rain but no snow… 😉
    Missing all of you as always…

    • Sounds like you had a lovely time Eric! The weather was not as cold at all as last year but we had some major rain and flooding.
      I think that Thanksgiving is jinxed in Ireland. Looking forward to hearing all about your big move!

  • Sometimes it can be quite refreshing to have a few days away from twitter etc! Sounds like you had a marvellous few days. I love the look of that pie and I’m looking forward to the recipe 🙂

    • Thanks Nessa. I am not a dessert fan at all but this pie is kinda sweet and sour at the same time and it is really something easy to throw together
      especially if you opt for the jus-roll pastry :0) Thank you for stopping by the blog Nessa and I hope you are enjoying the season and getting ready for the Toy Show tonight!

  • definitely the very best Cranberry Sauce in the World. Cant wait for more soon .xx

    • Will we have some with the Goose then Mum? Glad you liked it. I can’t believe it was so easy to make xx

  • I will forgive you your absence if you hand over the napkin rings!!

    • Ha ha ha – thanks Yvonne. I knew you would like the napkin rings. The Chef found them (a set of 8) at a flea market a few years ago and gave them to me as an anniversary present.
      I love them too xx

  • I swear I would cook a whole turkey just to have leftovers to make those pancakes – they look fantastic!

    The chef does have some odd tastes but I suppose they are the equivalent of a Tayto sandwich or ‘boiled to death’ bacon and cabbage to an Irish reared person – food nostalgia can’t be underestimated.

    • Amee,
      They really were fab. The funny thing is, they had leftover turkey, cranberry sauce in gravy in the middle and I TURNED MY NOSE UP at the idea of them until I was seduced by the hollandaise sauce.
      I just did not think that they ‘sounded’ good at all……..he thinks it is funny that after 16 years I still do not ‘trust’ his concoctions……I am beginning to wonder why I do not trust him. Oh yeah. It is because he eats
      and loves cranberry sauce out of a CAN!

  • Every eight days is fine, Móna, or whenever you have time to blog, so don’t go putting yourself under pressure – living life is more important that reporting it, and your readership isn’t going anywhere; we’re delighted to sit round eating biscuits while we wait till you show up again.

    • Mise,
      I am so glad you stopped by to comment today and am even happier now knowing there are biscuits.
      We are going to make a few biscotti ourselves this weekend and I will be dunking mine in a well drawn cup of tea
      while I wait for the next blog idea to show itself.

  • I like America, but not the cranberry sauce in a can! I’ve never had homemade cranberry sauce but I’m sure it’s nothing like the canned stuff which I stopped serving years ago. One year, we ate our own turkey, what a story that is. All I can say is we’ll never do that again!

    • The homemade cranberry sauce is really fab. It is so easy to make I can’t for the life of me figure out why you would want to eat the stuff out of the can that has very little cranberry and is mostly
      unpronounceable ingredients. I would love to hear about your Turkey experience someday.

  • It sounds as if your visit with your friends from the States was a wonderful time. Looking forward to your upcoming posts about the food you shared together and the travels you took them on. Looks as if the kids really enjoyed their visit too (even with the surprise allergic reactions!)

    • The kids had a blast. They are great for the entertainment factor for sure Paula!
      We had a lovely lovely visit with our friends. I am always so glad to see friends coming to visit and stay on a high for weeks
      on end before they get here and while they are here and then fall into a lonely slump when they leave…
      The Atlantic Ocean feels awfully big sometimes ….

  • LOL – loving the allergic reaction!! I want a pair of those! So much cheaper than collaged I am guessing, and so natural-looking ;o)

    • They are the most revolting sweets I have ever seen or tasted and there are little pieces of
      Red cinnamon flavoured wax stuck to my kitchen floor a week later… Let me send you some!

  • Wow, that pie looks amazing. Looking forward to seeing the recipe. We had our first real Thanksgiving in America this year, when we visited my sister. It was magical. It’s such a nice holiday and I’m looking forward to next year already.

    • Hey Vicky,
      How nice for you having a holiday in America for Thanksgiving!
      It is one of my very favourite American holidays and I think the kids will always love it too!

  • Host and hostess with the mostess. I absolutely adored wax lips when I was a kid. Your cranberry recipe sounds geat. I must admit to using the ‘canned kind’. Actually, my husband likes cranberry sauce not only to accompany turkey – but as a topping for enchiladas. I had never heard of that before, but when I tried it – I liked it. Thanks for the lovely post, I’m glad you are back after your Thanksgiving holiday.

    • It is funny how many people really do love those lips! The Turkey crepes have the cranberry sauce inside the crepes with gravy and hollandaise sauce.
      It is nice to be back to my routine Bernadine. A creature of habit am I. Oh and thanks for the photo. Wow. What a tree!

  • Welcome back Mona!
    Awe…Friends and food, the best combination for sure. Nice to read that you the green bean casserole w/French’s onions, and the jelled cranberry sauce…A MUST! Honestly, I don’t like can cranberry either…YUCK! But I always have it on my table for those that do. For the last few years I’ve been making my own cranberry sauce, however this year it was runny. Then after reading your blog I realized that I added too much orange juice…about a cup too much…opps! Oh well. I drained it, put it in a glass cut dish…and WOOLA!

    I like the pictures of Rory and Jack wearing my favorite candy…Oh yea! I use to chew that stuff till my jaws were sore. I was also pleased to read that Sam and Lulu will be staying…YAY!

    • I am so surprised at the amount of people that like these waxed lips. Even the Chef LOVES them…..
      Thanksgiving in Ireland is different but very nice. I think it is the gathering of friends and family and some really nice food that makes me very thankful
      for the life we have. And it is good to be back on the blogging bandwagon……… I have a couple of nice ones in the works so stay tuned!

  • Making biscotti, just like we did about two weeks ago. Gave some to my daughter and she said she liked her grandmothter’s recipe better. However, we preferred our version. Not a big fan of anise or anything licorice flavored – our biscotti is milder in flavor and even with the addition of almonds is a reduced calorie version. We leave out the final ‘toasting step’ for a softer texture cooke, which is still tasty dipped in a hot beverage. Will forward our first attempt at biscotti and Christmas cookie baking in 2009. bernadine

    • We made gingerbread biscotti last night and they turned out delicious.
      I am not a huge Anise (flavour) fan either but have found using the fresh seeds better.
      My husband likes his ‘thrice’ baked so they are hard biscotti and real dunkers!

  • You’re totally forgiven Mona.. 🙂 Love all the food you had and the pics of the kids just made me laugh out loud. On another note; I finally got your rocket seeds so those will hopefully be with you right before christmas..:) Just need to pop them in the mail. We’re planning on making our first ever (yes it is true) turkey for christmas this year so I can certainly use all the advice there is.. If you have any…. please let me know!

    • Simone!
      Is it not the custom to eat Turkey for Christmas in Amsterdam? What do you normally have? In the US we always had Beef
      but now back in Ireland we have Turkey. The secret to cooking a Turkey successfully is to brine it before hand for a day (at least).
      I will either blog about it or send you an email :0) But the biggest thing to remember is (unless you have a big crowd!) get a small bird
      and cook it low and slow …. moist and tender will be lovely. Thanks for the seeds too Simone. I look forward to getting them in the post xx

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