May 19 2012

A beautiful day for Rory Belle

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Sometimes photos speak louder than words so a kaleidoscope of images from Rory’s special day is featured below.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend x

Rory Belle – she who made me a Mama



Granny & Rory Belle



Could not wait to get out of her shoes xx



TWO of our munchkins


Garden salad …. there is always salad on the table



Communion Cake with 'boiled icing' …




Beautiful Bean Salad



Chocolate chunk n' cranberry cookies




Heavenly Ham


If you have already purchased our book you will have noticed that the recipe for ham is a three-pager. Yes, it takes a while to do it right and yes 0 it is totally worth it.


Extra cakes and cookies


Special thanks to all our friends and family who came to spend the day with us, eating drinking and being merry. Extra thanks to Jackie Ffrench for taking such beautiful shots of our family and capturing the fun here at Chez Wise for Rory Belles special day and to Bernie Ffrench for organizing the treasure hunt to keep the kids occupied for so long x

Enjoy the rest of the weekend y’all xx


AND – do not forget to buy The Sunday Times tomorrow for the next installment of our weekly column. Recipe for Pork Schnitzel tomorrow!

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  • Beautiful…

    • Thanks Robert…it was just a lovely day x

  • Gorgeous photos of Rory, was amused to see her trying to unbuckle the shoes while still wearing the gloves. Gorgeous photos of food too 🙂 Glad to hear you had a lovely day xx

    • Thanks Lorna,
      We really had a lovely day and she was dying to get out of those shoes!
      The food was not too shabby at all. Very little left truth be told x

  • Thanks so much for having us – you guys are the best nearly neighbors a girl could have – the food was wonderful as always and I love your natter buddies!

    • Thank you for coming Amee. It is always nice and relaxing when we get together …
      The kids enjoy the fun outside and we can enjoy the silence inside x Glad you were able to
      meet the Gemini twins…

  • What beautiful pictures and a gorgeous spread of food too. She looks like a little princess 🙂

    • It was about 20 people so not to crazy.
      The day held fine so the kids were able to spend most of it outdoors and
      the godparents had planned a treasure hunt all over the garden. Kept them going for ages!
      Very sentimental this evening, coming to realise how grown up my little girl really is x

  • I had a sneaking suspicion there would be a glorious ham on the table – she looks beautiful and looks like ye had a great day

    • Oh…the heavenly ham. Not much of it left actually.
      She was such a star today Karen. Prim, proper and a perfect little lady that
      could not wait to get home and rip the dress off and get in to her play clothes
      and eat cake! This is all ahead of you my dear #theygrowupsofast

  • Awww, Rory Belle looked beautiful in her 1st Communion outfit and it certainly looked like a very wonderful and loving family gathering. A milestone in her little life that she will remember and treasure I’m sure (‘cept maybe the shoes LOL)

    • Hi Paula,
      She is a cutie pie. We did have a lovely family day today.
      Rory is our ‘grunge’ kid so after a few hours of church and hoots she
      was more than ready for her comfy play clothes x they grow up so fast!

  • I was so very honored to be a part of such a wonderful day for such a wonderful young lady! In the presence of good friends and family the world was just perfect! The pure joy I get from capturing “moments” in family life on a regular basis is nothing compared to being asked to capture a day like to day for Mona & Ron! It was the most relaxing Holy Communion I have ever being at and the food was to die for!! Thank you both for a truly beautiful day and Mona, thanks for introducing us to Ann Marie (natter buddy eile…lol)!! I get a feeling in my bones that the fun has only just begun with meeting her!!! Natter buddies…I like it!!! Love. Jxxx

    • Jackie,
      Best day ever and having it all on camera is the perfect gift.
      I just showed Ron the shots and he was all teared up at bed time.
      It is hard to watch them grow up right before your eyes.
      Thanks again..the best present ever to have you capture these lovely moments Jackie xx

  • That brings back memories of my first communion… 😉 It’s probably the first and only time I was seen wearing a lacy… Everyone looks so happy here and it seems like you had a great day. And I was just looking at that ham recipe this morning thinking it was screaming to be made!

    • Funny isn’t it . .. . It brought back a lot of my own childhood memories too Simone.
      It was very very relaxed and nice and calm. No real fuss at all – so very nice.
      And the HAM – is so so so good x

  • Fabulous pics Mona!

    • Thanks Josette,
      Aren’t I lucky that I have such talented friends x

  • Absolutely lovely – family, friends & joy.

    • Thanks Bernadine … it was a very special day x

  • A beautiful day for a beautiful girl and how lovely to have a friend take photos. I have so few pictures of my childhood; Rory will treasure these one day I know…as you treasure them now.

    Funny how some words and photos can take a woman back to that same day as a girl having her First Communion…but it did and it was lovely.

    • Barb,

      You are so right. It is lovely to have photos of these special occasions for now and for the years to come.
      I am sure, when she is a teenager I will be happy to look back and reflect on her loveliness of this special day xx
      Thanks for visiting x

  • What a lovely sunny weekend Rory Belle had for her celebrations, and I’m sure the spread of food was unsurpassable. Two cakes! She must have felt very loved in between feeling impatient with her fancy shoes.

    • We were fortunate there was sun albeit shining through low hanging clouds at times Mise.
      Yes. Two cakes. The ‘white’ official one made by her father and the pink one made by me.
      The white cake is all gone and they ate the pink one too! She could not wait to
      get out of the shoes. She had begged to wear white cowboy boots but from what I can tell,
      that has not been approved just yet. Hope all is well way out west and we are looking forward to
      seeing you soon!

  • Fabulous pictures Mona and memories to share forever.

    • Thanks Josette,
      We are lucky to have lovely friends that are excellent photographers too!

  • Beautiful images and very special memories 🙂

    • Thanks Dee. She is a little treasure. Aren’t they all!

  • That ham is pretty outstanding. I feel like I am the last to say it… but congratulations on your new column!

    • That ham was all gone by the end of the day.
      I am always amazed how much people love this ham…
      And thanks for the well wishes…not late to the party at all Kale x

  • Congratulations to the very beautiful Rory Belle, and how pretty she looked for her big day. That heart shaped cake looks scrummy. Looked like a great day Mona.

    I hate the spiral ham here, yours looks sooooo good. Tis morning time here and my weetabix is suddenly looking and tasting quite bland.

    • Thanks a million Brenda.
      Look for Clifty Farms Country Ham – from Virginia. Their Ham was our favorite ham when we lived in the US.
      I am also not a huge fan of the spiral hams either.
      And thanks for the compliment on my girl. She is a cutie pie and had a very enjoyable day with the family x
      On a side note, and totally worth mentioning, I made the heart shaped cake and decorated it with a beetroot cream cheese icing.
      I am terribly proud of my efforts!

  • looks like a great day! the food, oh wow! everything looks delicious! 😀 i find the heart cake so appetizing, especially with its pink icing!

    • Thanks TJ!
      We all loved the cake too!

  • What lovely photos of Rory – looks like you had a fabulous day – can’t wait to get my hands on that ham recipe!

    • We had a very special day indeed Lisa. One of the most relaxing days we have had around here in a long time – which is
      surprising considering we fed forty people and had the book launch looming the following week xx
      The ham is where it is at for sure. You will love it I am sure x

  • She looks so beautiful! Glad you had a lovely day. Amazing photos too.

    • Thanks so much . .it was a lovely day indeed.

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