May 23 2012

Scrumptious Schnitzel and Bean Salad. The Sunday Times column (May 20th 2012)

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Hello fellow food lovers. As promised here is a link to the recipes published in our weekly column with The Sunday Times.

I will be posting the longer and unedited version of the column contribution every Wednesday.So if you did not get a chance to buy the paper, or, if you do not live on the lovely small green island, then enjoy the read right here on the blog.

You can find the longer version of the original article right here:

PDF “Scrumptious Schnitzel May 2012”

Enjoy and let us know if there are anything recipes you would like to see each week and we will try to include them just for you!



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  • Terry says he is putting his order in now! This truly makes my mouth water.

    • Fab! One of my favorites MS – so tell him we will have it waiting for him when he gets here!
      Can’t wait . . .

  • The recipe sounds lovely and it certainly looks irresistible. Thank you so much for providing the links every Wednesday to your Sunday Times column. I’m so excited you are doing that for us readers over here in Canada 😉

    • Hi Paula,
      My internet is patchy this weekend – due to extreme sunshine – and I just noticed your comment sitting there unanswered!
      I am thrilled to be able to release the column details each week too.
      We are just getting our toes wet with it all and I can’t wait to really get stuck in.
      Regards from a very sunny Galway xxxx

  • These look just like the ones we ate in Holland. Mmmm!
    I am now planning my menus around your blog 😀 I was looking for new inspiration 😀

    • This is one of the best recipes ever. We used to serve this at our restaurant
      in the US on the first Friday of the month. It was chaos! People loved it :0)

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