May 3 2012

Wild Garlic Green Goddess

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I think that peoples perception of who we are could be tainted somewhat if they were just to look at the pictures and not read the words that accompany them. I try to always be on the level with y’all about what is going on in our lives – the good, the bad and the ugly.

Sometimes it is good, sometimes it is sad. We work hard at avoiding all things bad.

Right now – my lips are sealed and I can’t really ‘write’. I actually can’t trust myself to keep this secret from exploding …. so I am just going to feed you instead. Ok?

Blogtopia, of the food kind, is being flooded with recipes for interesting things to make and do with the intoxicatingly fresh and free ‘wild garlic’. I see a lot of recipes for pesto floating around and I know for a fact it tastes delicious.

But we wanted to do something a little different with our freely foraged food.

Something a little prettier ….




Because, lets face it, we do love everything ‘green’ around here.

So, and I know this will not come as a surprise to you, we decided to fall back on one of the most photographed items on the blog last year – which was salad.

Lovely luscious garden salad. And what better way to get more salad into those you love, than to entice them with something pretty to camouflage it with, right?



BUT, hold it right there readers, there is no sense in it looking good and green and gorgeous. It must taste fabulous too.

That is why we blanched it in a pot of boiling water for a few minutes. See, those that forage rarely tell you that wild garlic, while fragrant and fine in flavor, is a bit chewy too. You can use it fresh and raw, but I would blanch it. The green colour intensifies too.

[gmc_recipe 5755]




Making a salad dressing like this is not brain surgery folks. The whole sugar/honey piece at the end is really a personal taste thing. We like it kind of sour – but that is because we make and use our own buttermilk.

Sometimes – things get messy in the kitchen and it does not always look so ‘organized’. Ah, well. We can’t have it all, right?

But it usually works out just fine in the end.

Give this a whirl this weekend. There is acres of wild garlic to be foraged at this time of year.

AND, if all local readers are looking for something interesting to do on Sunday then you should sign up to go to the

Seashore Forage and Clam Bake Sunday 6th May

hosted by Galway SlowFood.

Ok – ’tis almost feeding time at the zoo here so I must run to the kitchen and help the chef with supper.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned!


PS – did you register interest in our book? If not – you can do so right here. Should be available for sale my May 19th!

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  • Darn it still not sharing the secret ! I am having a lazy day here today, avoiding house-work and unpacking. Have been drinking tea and blog-hopping all morning. These are the prettiest pictures I have come across yet and look very yummy too. Love the smell of wild garlic !

    • Ha ha ! Nope. I CAN’T!
      I am tongue-tied till Friday May 11th . . .then I think I can squeal from the rooftops …
      The garlic is totally delicious. Hope you are almost done unpacking.
      It is a rotten chore when there are no family members around to help x

  • Can I come live at your house? LOL amazing…

    • Hi Nina,
      You know, we are foster parents so we can make arrangements to take in a few more hungry mouths :0)
      Glad you liked it. Thanks so much for the visit and the comment!

  • I love green goddess dressing but haven’t had it in years – this version sounds fantastic! And nice to see something that’s not a pesto recipe, lovely and all as that is. 🙂

    • Thanks Kristen!
      I know, I actually love the wild garlic pesto but it is everywhere right ow,
      even in the restaurants in town. A little over kill methinks.
      I remember the first time I ate green goddess dressing was in Ohio back in the eighties..
      poured over a salad of artichoke hearts. It was so so so good and creamy and memorable and green!
      I am sure you will enjoy the nostalgic taste too if you try it!

  • My mind is in a spin and now I am onto yet another guess for your news which, if I am right and I hope I am, I will most definitely be proud of you 🙂

    And LOVE this dressing! We try and eat salads all the time but I never make dressing – just olive oil and vingegar. This is tremendous and what a combo of flavors! I’ll try this!

    • Oh Jamie…. I will never agree to this secret keeping EVER again…I am terrible at it!
      We mostly have an oil/vinegar/tamarind paste vinaigrette in the fridge here but this
      one is a lovely seasonal addition to the salads. There are a lot of strong flavors going on – and the funny
      thing is – it is the buttermilk that comes through the most!
      One.More.Week. . . . sooner if I get my way!

  • How mysterious of you and how wise of you to keep us enticed with this delicious looking dressing. I love garlic though I never started eating it until my late 40’s!!!
    You certainly know how to build the anticipation (suspense) both with food and secrets! Can’t wait until you can share it with us.

    • I cannot believe you did not start eating garlic till your 40’s Paula?
      I think in any form it has to be my favorite vegetable.
      I am not really trying to build up the suspense or anything like that – I am just dying with keeping all this news locked up inside.
      BUT there is light at the end of the tunnel – thank goodness xx

  • This looks lovely and I just love your kitchen pics…not messy at all, just life!

    I’m laughing at Paula’s comment and your reply…I found out on my post today that she has NEVER had a margarita. That Paula is a late bloomer but a great one isn’t she?

    • You are right Barb! Life indeed. I think ur life is a bit messy but we are managing just fine.
      Ok. Fest the garlic, and now the margarita? We need to take this gal out in the town!
      I love her. I think she is so darn creative and I always feel like I have to make something
      with my hands when I read her blog. I always feel like having a drink after I read yours xx

  • I love, love, love Green Goddess dressing – something I first tasted here in America. Your version looks amazing and I bet it tastes even better. Wish I was in Galway for the Clam Bake after a good old forage for mussels and clams on the shore. Have a great day at the beach!

    • Hi Mairéad,
      Thanks for stopping by the blog for a visit.
      We have had a hectic weekend here with the kids, but a lot of fun!
      The green goddess dressing is delicious. I first had it in the states too.
      The seaside foraging is always the best fun for the whole family!
      Hope the weather is lovely where you are and thanks again for the visit x

  • Hmm…lips (and fingers) still sealed tightly I see! Ah well, at least you served up a gorgeous salad with lovely photos to boot. I am loving that chalk board in the background.

    • Yes Kale…still staying silent..
      But I can tell you that someone very important is coming to visit
      the Chef & I tomorrow for lunch so I might be allowed to spill the beans
      just a tad …. We shall see!

  • Ooh… OK I’ll be staying tuned! 🙂

    • Thanks Kale – this week has been so insane I find myself wishing for a ‘childs’ bedtime xx

  • I can see people all over the country going out to gather wild garlic this weekend, Mona. A thousand CONGRATULATIONS on your success. Off to organise my copy of the Sunday Times!
    Hester x

    • Thanks a million Hester xxx
      We are just beside ourselves with excitement hee at Chez Wise!
      Thank you for all the support. You know I appreciate it very much x

  • Mona and Ron, Just reading about your food makes me sad to not be there to appreciate it all with
    you. Sounds wonderrful and tastes far better. Love to you and all your family; we miss you oodles!

    • Carmen!
      We miss you too. Mary Sue is coming in July ( I am sure you already know this ) and we are dying to see them.
      We miss you guys so much and wish you were here too to help us celebrate!
      Lots of love, Móna xxx

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