Jun 26 2012

Il Porcetto

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Il Porcetto

Ristorante Pizzeria Wine Bar

Main Street


Tel: 091 870 633

EMail : IlPorcetto@GMail.com

Owner : Gavino Sechi


Right on the main drag in Loughrea … you can’t miss it.

He greets me at the door kissing me on both cheeks every time I go there. Gavino Sechi has smile that will melt the coldest heart, and even the Chef has grown fond of him. We started going to Il Porcetto about a year ago. The Chef had met Gavino thought another friend of ours and he kept telling me he was going to take me to this ‘small Italian place’ in Loughrea. Gavino is from Sardinia and let me tell you guys and dolls, the food and prices will make you visit often but it is Gavino himself, and the way he caters to his customers, that will keep you coming back for more.



Lovely ambiance … dark mood lighting too


This is the kind of place that you could go on ‘date-night’ and be tucked away in a tiny nook in the main part of the restaurant, just you and your partner and a bottle of wine from their well appointed wine list.

Or, if you are looking for a place to pop in to for a late lunch on a Saturday, with a bunch of rowdy kids, then there is plenty of room to throw a bunch of tables together in one of the back rooms so you will not feel like the noise levels will scare off the rest of the customers.

The efficient service these guys offer means that the kids do not have to wait too long to eat because they are ‘STARVING’ you know. Waisting away to nothing practically.

Lovely little bar and nooks and crannies to hide in.


The Chef, who rarely orders pasta in a restaurant, because it ends up being overcooked and gummy more times than he would care to comment on, thinks this is the best-in-the west for pasta and pizza. He has a really hard time ordering when we dine here because everything ‘sounds’ so good on the menu and that is because everything IS so good.  Real, fresh sauces – NOT out of a bag. Real stretchy chewy pizza dough that you will want the recipe for.


Go for the pizza. Order the pasta too. Drink all their wines.


The best €8.00 you will ever spend is on one of their lunchtime pizzas. The same could be said for their evening pizza for only a tenner.



This is one of the reasons we keep going back.


I know this is short and sweet today – but I have been meaning to blog about this place for six months or more and keep hoping to get better photos to highlight just how great their food really is. I might just have to go back and do a special ‘food shoot’ trip because – their food is fabulous.

If you drive anywhere near Loughrea this summer then go here for lunch or dinner.

We have American friends coming to stay with us next week and this is one place we will most certainly be taking them.

Give Gavino a few extra kisses from me x

NOW – before I wrap it up ..I feel like I need to say a huge THANK YOU to all my readers that have bought our book ‘The Chef & I’. We only launched it a few weeks ago and it is selling like hotcakes. If you have yet to buy it then you can do so (free shipping worldwide) right here at Kennys Book shop. If you want convincing then you can watch this interview of me and Des Kenny … it is lovely. AND if you are still not convinced that this book should be sitting on your nightstand and in your kitchen then why not download a free sample on your laptop and have a peek inside the book? If you do not have a Kindle App – you can download it here for free on any mac or pc or iPhone or Android phone. You will be a reading machine! Now – aren’t you all out of excuses? Oh yeah … here is what our readers are saying about the book. In my opinion, their reviews matter the most because they have already shelled out their hard earned cash for the book.

 Ok – back to the grind I go. Thanks for stopping by the blog to say hi. I get awfully lonely you know.



PS – after I published this blog post I sent Gavino a link to it so he could read the review. This was his email response – don’t ya just love this guy already and you have not even met him!

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  • You’ve been telling us about this place for so long… I really must make an effort to get there!

    • Margaret,
      I am going back to shoot the food in a few weeks because the ones I have taken in the past do not do it justice at all.
      We all need to meet there xx

  • What a lovely ambiance Il Porcetto has! The food looks fantastic too. Can’t believe you get a basket of bread for a Euro and a mixed salad for only two!!

    So happy to hear that your book is selling like hotcakes, how exciting and how very rewarding after all the love and hard work you poured into it.

    • Paula,
      I have to go back and take better photos – outside with natural light.
      He has it set up to be nice and cozy and the ambiance is fab, but low lights.
      I know..the price is great here too. And the salads are delicious!

  • What a little treasure you have shared with us, Mona. Il Porcetto and Gavino sound delightful. Thrilled to hear the book is doing so well. Here’s to the best seller list!

    • Hello Hester,
      It is one of those gems. We had passed by it several times thinking it looked ‘too fancy’ to take the kids to,
      and we were just thrilled to bits to find out it works well for date night out or family night!
      Hope all is well in the East….a deluge of rain for the Volvo Race this week it seems x

  • Well, you know that we are coming to visit you guys so once I tell you when you’ll reserve a table for all of us, kiddies and all? Sounds fantastic! But whenever you now mention drinking wine I laugh and think of your first wine tasting you write about in The Chef & I…. stemware?!!! LOL! And I’m going to be reviewing the book soon – I took it on vacation with me last weekend and read it in two evenings. Love it!!! Now I can’t wait to try the recipes….

    • I am making reservations right now to take our current American guests.
      This is one of those ‘must run off phones and enjoy’ places Jamie.
      We had one of the nicests fourth of July ever! Hope your summer is going well!

  • Italian and Sardinian food are a must and this seems to be a little gem, to discover!! Thanks for sharing with us…

    • Hi Veru!
      It is just gorgeous and Davino really knows how to take care of his guests!
      Thanks for the visit.

  • Great review Mona. I will definitely put Il Porcetto on our list of places to visit this summer.
    My pizza/pasta loving kids will be only too happy to try it out.

    • Hello Ellie,
      Thanks for popping by the blog for a visit!
      This is a great spot for loading up the kids with pizza and pasta so you will not be disappointed at all.
      We have a house full of Americans right now and are hoping to take them there but it is hard to
      fit it all in!

  • I love the look of that restaurant! The inside looks priceless and the food pretty good too… 🙂

    • We are going there tonight with our American visitors and we will be taking you there as well when you come! I am just dying to see you Simone x

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