Jun 13 2012

Lisloughrey Lodge, Cong, County Mayo

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Lisloughrey Lodge

Cong, County Mayo, Ireland

Telephone : +353 94 954 5400

E-mail: reception@lisloughreylodge.com

The weather was most agreeable …



If coming to Ireland this summer, or if already on the island and planning, like us, a ‘stay cation’, then by all means slot Lisloughrey Lodge into your planner for a few nights away.

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Lisloughrey Lodge and they invited us down to their first of their ‘Gourmet Getaway‘ celebration dinners. This invitation came hot on the heels of our book launch and let me tell you, the chef & I were well and truly ready for a night off. So we happily accepted the invite and threw the overnight bag into the car and headed due north.

Lisloughrey Lodge is only forty five minutes from our home in Galway so we barely had time to unwind before we reached our destination.


The door slightly ajar welcomes you in


Upon arrival we were greeted warmly and given a quick tour of the important places like our bedroom and the bar.


Restful slumber awaits you at Lisloughrey lodge (iPhone photo)


It was very difficult deciding where to spend the afternoon . . .

A snug bar for the die-hard sports fans


but in the end we settled in for the warmth of the fireplace and the chilled beverages on offer to us.


Although it is summer … there is still a nip in the evening air so the fire was a welcome comfort (iPhone photo)


We had made prior arrangements with the staff to meet with the Chef, Jonathan Keane, before the great gourmet event took place, and we had plenty of time to chat with him about his menu for the evening and his style and culinary preferences. A native of Kylemore, Connemara, Jonathans eagerness in explaining his menu concept for the evening was obvious. He likes to keep it simple by sticking to a few easy guidelines like using foods in season, buying locally produced goods, and adhering to traditional Irish cooking methods with imaginative ideas. The Chef & I were delighted to hear he was not using any foam on the plate. Just good wholesome food he promised, and that he certainly delivered .

Chef Keane is huge fan of the MASS Lamb (Mayo Atlantic Sea Spray) and whetted our appetites with a sampling of his coca-cola marinated and slow roasted Lamb just out of the oven. We were polite and tasted it … every last bite was devoured.

After holding him hostage in the kitchen for longer than was necessary, we were able to snap a few photos of the food and dining room before the guests started to trickle in for the evening.


Soft colors offer a calm environment in which to dine … and very comfy chairs too

We headed back to our room for a few hours of calm and quiet where we both took a nice long, and very needed, nap.

It is the little things that mean the most …


Waking up in a very comfy bed, in a strange place, with no noisy kids around makes me very calm. The Chef, who is always calm, took note of how relaxed I was having only been separated from the  kids for a few hours. A nice long swim in the tub, followed by a ‘take as long as you need to get ready’ hour of pampering myself,  we were well and truly ready for the great gourmet getaway.

We headed straight for the bar where we were greeted by the happiest team of service staff I have ever encountered. I am not sure what their secret is at Lisloughrey Lodge, because it is impossible to keep ‘everyone’ happy, but this team of employees were just the nicest I have met. They were all smiling and having the craic. Even the Chef noted they were eager to please and serve, but also made time to chat and have a bit of fun with the customers. This reminded me of how service in Ireland was when I was growing up; when I trained in the industry. It was fun and we were fabulous. That is why tourists loved coming to Ireland. It was ‘us’ that ensured they had a good time. The really nice thing about this experience, is that while a few of the crew were from the surround, many were not even from Ireland. Yet they all behaved like one big happy family and kept smiling. Well done – everyone of you.


A Belgian beer we had not tried (iPhone photo)


After a few pre-dinner drinks, we headed upstairs to the restaurant and mingled with a few of the other guests before we were welcomed by local and famous artisan butcher Sean Kelly, of Kellys in Newport, and also by the Chef’s former school teacher Leo Hallisey.  Both lectured us on the importance of encouraging people to eat what is readily available to in ones own locale. Both men spoke so passionately about their product, and their plea to spread the word did not fall on deaf ears as the room erupted into a responding Bualadh bos (a round of applause) before the first course, of seven, arrived to the table.

From then on . . . it was the start of a food coma. There were several courses to please the palate and I noticed on a few occasions that diners were catered to with very individual (dietary) requests.

Killary Fjord Seashells with Flahavan oats


I honestly did not think that this would be my cup of tea. I like my oatmeal for breakfast. The idea of eating ‘porridge for supper’ washed images through my mind of gruel-like gloopy soup. I had decided that I was just going to eat the shell fish and that’d be it for me. I LOVE when I am wrong. I was WAY wrong on this one. It was like a delicious creamy risotto-like-chowder. The shellfish were neither smothered or covered, just lightly steamed to opening perfection. I cannot get over how versatile the old bowl of porridge really is and might just inundate you all with new and fabulous recipes now (that the chef is working on!) using oatmeal for supper sustenance.

Mayo Atlantic Sea Spray Lamb trio …


There was not a bite or bone left on the plate after this one either. I looked around the room to see if everyone was enjoying their meat course and their was only a silent hum of happy food noises floating about.

Rhubarb …. with ice-cream. A touch of nostalgia I know. Just more delicious than I remember.

The wine list was also a pure delight to peruse. We had a half bottle of Dr. Loosen (2005) Riesling (this was on our restaurant wine list at Rondo’s when we lived in the US)  – a bargain at €12.00 – and later had a bottle of Chateuneuf du Pape for a respectable €31.00. Again, with the stellar and attentive-but-never-overbearing service, our glasses were never empty.

We wrapped up the evening at a respectable hour and woke early as could be the next morning because the sun was blinding us with the glare off of Lough Corrib right outside out window. We made the most of the few child-free hours we had left, and enjoyed a walk down by the lake and then a nice ice cold refreshment before we headed back to the Saturday market in Galway for our weekly shopping excursion.

I am always surprised at how blue the sky and water is …. Costa del Ireland, right?


Full disclosure:

The Chef & I were guests of Lisloughrey Lodge. If you have read all our other reviews, you will know that this is not ‘what we do’ but in this particular situation we decided to accept the lovely gift because they offered a bonus ‘gift’ I could not refuse.

Great Gourmet Getaway GIVEAWAY for TWO at Lisloughrey Lodge

The general manager has given us a night away for two of our lucky readers to attend their next gourmet event on Thursday July 26th, 2012.

So you see, lovely readers, I was doing this for you!

On a side note, and this is important, there were a few small things that we felt needed addressing and we gave the team at Lisloughrey Lodge our ‘Wise Review’ and they received it very well and have assured us they will be making the necessary tweaks before the next event. So really, the lucky winner will be acting on our behalf, eating, drinking and soaking it all in and then reporting back to me the following week on your findings. If you fancy a chance to be featured on our WiseWords blog to give us your personal review of your night away at Lisloughrey Lodge – then what are you waiting for!

To enter the competition leave a comment right here telling us the location of Lisloughrey Lodge. As with all the giveaways we run here at WiseWords, you must be signed up via email to be eligible to win and you can double your chances if you pop over and ‘like’ the Lisloughrey Facebook page. Unfortunately, this competition is only open to residents who live on the Island of Ireland. You must be able to travel to Lisloughrey Lodge for Thursday July 26th 2012 and the prize is non-transferrable. The winner will be chosen randomly (via ‘And the Winner is‘ )on Sunday July 15th giving you plenty of time to make plans.

(This prize is worth close to €400 and is not to be sneezed at. Please keep in mind that transportation and alcohol purchases are not included)

For a few more photos from our stay at Lisloughrey lodge click right here.

Those are all the WiseWords I have for today,


OH – and and and … if you have not been able to read our weekly column in The Sunday Times you can find it right here and if you have yet to run out and buy a copy of our book then you can get your hands on a copy of that tight here at Kenny’s Book shop!

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  • Cong, Co. Mayo

    • You are correct Sally – best of luck to you!

  • Can I go please? I am sure I could do a good job for you!!!


    • Oh Margaret – would you ever! The winner will be chosen at random with the random-winner picker ‘and the winner is’ .. for WordPress blogs.
      It takes the guilt out of it too! Thanks for playing along and please share it with your friends. Bloggers and non-bloggers too!

  • Lisloughrey Lodge is located in Cong, Co. Mayo
    P.S. Wonderful article and pics

    • Hi Terry, you are correct and thank you very much for entering the competition!
      Best of luck to you!

  • Lisloughrey Lodge is located in Cong, County Mayo, Ireland.

    What a fantastic giveaway! This would be the perfect way for me and Mr. Edible Ireland to celebrate our 10-year wedding anniversary this summer… 😉

    • Hello Kristen,
      You are correct and yes, this is definitely a lovely lovely couples retreat place.
      AND, incase you ever decide to go there with the kids, they have a fab Wii / games room very close to the dining room
      so you can have your cake and eat it too! Best of luck to you!

      • That’s great to know about the Wii/games room – kids would be happy and we would be happy, win win!

        • I know! Now that they are all a bit older it is easier to travel with them…
          even if you still have to keep ‘an eye’ out…

  • Lisloughrey is in Cong, Co. Mayo. As i live relatively close to Lisloughrey, I have been lucky enough to have had Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner there. Breakfast was lovely just before my daughter’s birth and it was delicious, i just ate tooooo much!!. I had lunch with my 9 year old son as a treat one beautiful Saturday, I had dinner with my husband and 3 other couples and that was amazing, I suppose the lovely thing about Lisloughrey is the suppliers were listed on the menu and how nice to sample local produce. Its a stunning location and i am glad its on my doorstep…… would love to stay a night there :-).

    Keep up the good work Mona. I still have to purchase your book, would it be possible if I ordered it to have it signed!!

    • Hello Noreen,
      Lucky you! I do love that they are proud of all their local suppliers and I think that they will do very well indeed with their new Chef.
      The overnight was a real treat – but I find that staying in the old country hotels is always lovely.
      Yes – I am signing all copies of the book and if you do purchase from Kenny’s Book shop ( http://www.bookshop.kennys.ie/booksearch?mediaType=all&search_keywords=mona+wise&search= )
      then just ask them for a personalized copy and I will be in to sign it for you straight away!
      Thanks for playing along – tell your friends about the competition please!

  • Is it in Timbucktooth, The Midlands?

    Glad ye had a nice time – It will be our new neighborhood restaurant now, no?

    • You know Amee – it was not nearly as removed from the city as I had remembered. I think that we could certainly make
      it a ‘place to go’ on a Saturday night. I loved that fireplace and cozy leather couches … not to mention the bed!

      • I’m not going in the bed with you – just saying’ like.

        • Hey now – there is actually plenty of room in those big fancy bedroom for you, goose and the kids to sleep over x

  • Congrats Mona, another lovely post.

    Lisloughrey Lodge is in Cong and looks fantastic.

    • Thanks Caitriona and yes, in the lovely town of Cong.
      I had never been myself but had heard lovely things about it and all were true.
      Fingers crossed for a win x

  • Alas, I’ll be away on the 26th of July but I hope whoever wins has a fantastic time!

    It sounds like a gorgeous place. Based on your review, I hope I do get to stay there sometime in the next few months. I liked what you said about the staff, Mona, because yes, that kind of service has been somewhat lacking in a few places over the last few years. Whenever I stay somewhere I like to look at how the staff and management/supervisors interact. The more hands on and available the managers, the better humoured I’ve always found the staff and the better the atmosphere is for visitors. I know from when I was a cinema manager, I always tried to be on floor as much as possible, to pitch in if I had to during busy times. If staff feel like there’s an actual team happening, it can make all the difference to the atmosphere and even if things go wrong in a hotel/restaurant, I think people are more willing to be forgiving when the staff are friendly. If that makes sense.

    • You ar so right Caroline. It does come from the ‘top down’ … When we had the restaurant
      in the states we were almost militant in making sure our team were very happy.
      We worked with them, on the floor out front and in the kitchen. It makes all the difference
      in the world and you can tell at Lisloughrey that they have the same work ethic and ethos there.
      Pity you are not in for the win this time Caroline. But stay tuned, there will be others!

  • Oh , how I would love to be in Ireland this summer! The evening sounds like a dream.

    • Oh how we would love you guys to be here this (or any!) summer Joe!
      We could catch some squid and stuff them with that lovely lamb sausage and
      grill ’em …. Delicious!

  • This is just so tranquil. I have been there so many many times and always want to go back. A little bit of Heaven.

    • Hi Susan,
      This was our first visit but I am certain we will be back.
      I have been to Ashford Castle so many times but never managed to get over to Lisloughrey Lodge.
      It is incredibly tranquil. Even with a wedding going on last weekend you could not hear a thing
      when it came time to sleep. Best of luck to you for a win then!

  • Ps I would love to stay at the lodge.

    • If you can remember where it is Susan please respond with the location and make sure you are
      signed up via email to the blog ;0)

  • Ohh , would love to try out Lisloughrey in Cong, County Mayo

    • Hi Susan,
      You would very much enjoy the scene and serenity at Lisloughrey Lodge.
      Best of luck and thanks for popping in for a visit.

  • Morning Mona, you’re up early! Lisloughrey Lodge looks like a little slice of heaven. Is there anywhere in the world better than Ireland in the sunshine! I’m intrigued by the coke-marinated lamb… and I can see those oats soaking up the seafood flavours.

    • I am the early bird Hester. It is a blessing and a curse in its own right..always up at 6:00am whether I like it or not! Lisloughrey Lodge is just beautiful. Restful, calm and ready to cater to all.
      You would love it and if you win the night away the Chef & I will be popping down for drinkies that evening some could hang out!

  • Cong, County Mayo, Ireland

    And please if we cover our own travel costs are we eligible? This looks like such a beautiful location and a lovely lodge. And the food!!! Thank heavens for no over-the-top, foam-slathered food. The gorgeous ingredients and the updated traditional dishes look marvelous and are certainly the best. Your whole stay sounds heavenly! What a great getaway!

    • But of course Jamie! If you are able to pop over then most certainly you can be eligible x
      It is a great spot and you guys would love the serenity it offers as well as the hi-speed wifi xx

  • It’s in Cong Co. Mayo. What a prize! And after reading the review, I’m even more tempted by it! 🙂

    • Thank you so much Lisa. It is a beautiful relaxing place and they really do take care of their guests.
      I am sure you would love it. Thanks for reading and the nice comment x

  • Followed Lisloughrey on Facebook

    • Thanks for letting me know!

  • Oh, it’s a hard life being a foodie isn’t it Mona? 😉

    Sounds divine and with our 20th anniversary coming up in August, that sounds like the perfect weekend away so do put me in the draw as I’d love to head over to Cong, Co. Mayo. We could even drop our 2 with your 4 for the night as we head on 😉

    Lovely blog post – love the frank style of your reviews xx

    • Wow – 20 years married Lorna – what a milestone that is!
      You most certainly have earned a night off and I told you before I will take your two kiddies
      any time – they are just adorable!

      Glad you like the review Lorna. No sense in adding all the fluff. Places that excel with food and service
      speak for themselves. I just added a few photos to doll it up a bit x

  • Lisloughrey Lodge is in Cong, Co. Mayo

    Looks beeeautiful 🙂

    • Hi Ciara,


      Thanks for the comment and best of luck with the competition!

  • Lisloughrey Lodge, Cong, Ireland. All those lovely photos have tempted my appetite! k

    • Hi Kathleen,
      Glad you liked what you saw. It was easy taking the shots truth be told. They have a lovely set up over there.
      Very welcoming and they fall over themselves trying to take care of their guests.
      I love that … and find it most often at the Irish Country Hotels. Thank you for the comment and good luck!

  • Its in wonderful Cong, Co. Mayo!

    • It is indeed – only a few miles down the road from where I was born myself (Castlebar).
      Best of luck and thanks for the comment!

  • Cong Co. Mayo. Am a fan on fb.

    This would be a lovely getaway.

    • Thanks Lorraine,
      You are right – it would be a nice little break for anyone, wouldn’t it.
      Thanks for the comment – please tell your friends!

  • This would be an amazing prize.Have heard great things about
    Lisloughrey Lodge which is in Cong Co Mayo.

    • Belinda,
      I had never been there before and it is just gorgeous.
      Best of luck to you for a win and please share with your friends!

  • Lisloughrey Lodge is in Cong Co Mayo
    Lovely blog..
    Lovely spot..
    Really want to go there now..
    ps would make a lovely birthday pressie for OH 😉

    • Thanks a million Niamh for the visit!
      You are right of course, this would make a lovely pressie for the OH indeed.
      Best of luck for a win then!

  • it is of course the lovely Cong that it is set in. It is my favorite hotel to stay in. The views are stunning and the food is just out of this world. It’s also handy that it’s a 15 minute drive away from home.

    Well worth walking through Cong woods. I found wild raspberries and wild strawberries up there.

    • Lucky you! That would be so nice to just stroll down there and have supper. Even nicer to have a sleep over though!
      Thanks so much for the comment and best of luck!

  • I’d be delighted to go check it out for you Mona! I would even bring himself for the male perspective! 🙂 lovely pictures by the way!

    • Hey Lily,
      Thanks so much. I am sure you would do a cracker of a job too!
      And yes, we would need Alan’s feedback too of course.
      Best of luck for the win then Lily xx

  • Lisloughry Lodge is in Cong, Co. Mayo – a beautiful spot with lots of interesting woodland walks. I could do with a couple of nights there! To unwind from the rat race of my life! Patricia Keane

    • Hi Patricia,
      Thanks for the comment. I usually find that getting away for even just one night
      really does help with the whole work-life balance. Best of luck and thanks for the FB like too!

  • Cong Co. Mayo

    • Thanks for entering the competition Aisling. Best of luck to you.

  • It’s in Cong, County Mayo. Sounds like a perfect Irish getaway. Love staycations I think nowhere beats Ireland especially if we get the sunshine. Also the Killary Fjord Seashells with Flahavan oats looks delicious!!

    • You are right you know – the last few years
      we have made lovely discoveries all
      around the island and there is no place
      like ‘home’ for a staycation!
      Thank you for the visit!

  • Sounds heavenly!! Fabulously written Móna & love the photos.

    • Hi Elaine,
      It is actually a nice slice of heaven tucked away in County Mayo!
      Thank you very much for the nice compliment. I do appreciate it very much.

  • Ahhh!!! Forgot to answer q! It’s in Cong Co.Mayo, as you know 4 kids can do that to you.

    • No worries Elaine – I will be reminding everyone closer to the competition deadline (July 15th) if they have forgotten anything and
      yes – four kids does make a gal crazy forgetful sometimes!

  • Lisloughrey Lodge is located in Cong, Co. Mayo

    Another wonderful blog and fantastic photos!

    • Thanks a million Mary.
      It was not too hard to take a few shots at Lisloughrey Lodge.
      A lovely setting indeed. Best of luck to you for a win and thanks for the comment!

  • Hi Mona,

    Why it’s in Cong, Co. Mayo of course 😉

    Looks stunning and I’d be delighted to get pulled out of the hat, been too long since I spent any time in the west of our beautiful wee island


    • Hi Roisin,
      It is just a gorgeous place. Very tranquil and calm and they are all about taking care
      Of their customers. Best of luck for a win x

  • Cong, Co. Mayo

    Love food so this is my sort of prize 😛

    • Hi Sean,
      You would certainly love this little getaway then!
      Thanks for entering the giveaway!

  • Cong, co. Mayo

    • Thanks for entering the giveaway Niall.

  • I’m not entering the contest. I am a bit behind in my reading/commenting and just want to say that I hope your book sales are going very well. How lovely for you and the Chef to have been treated to this getaway and it certainly looks like you enjoyed this well deserved time away alone. The lodge looks so lovely and the food so delicious. I’m sure you loved every second of it.

    • Hello Paula,
      I am a bit behind on all my blog reading too!
      The book sales are going very well and the column is keeping us busy too!
      If you ever come to visit we will go to Lisloughrey Lodge for supper some evening.
      You would love it for sure. thanks for the visit Paula xx

  • Lisloughrey Lodge is in Cong,Contae Mhaigh Eo. Great review, I’ve had friends who have attended weddings and have heard only good things about the place. Great to see so many locally sourced Irish products on the menu.

    • Thanks Caoimhe,
      I had heard all the same and I am so glad I got to have an overnight visit there.
      It was just so nice. They do promote the produce available in the locale and we commend them on that.
      Best of luck to you in the competition x

  • This sounds like an amazing place in Cong, another of our hidden gems which I would never have heard of only for twitter. A superb prize too

    • Thanks Siobhán … I do love Twitter for the whole ‘discovery’ factor too.
      Best of luck for a win then for you! Thanks for playing along and for the follow on Twitter.

  • Actually felt that I was there with you! Lovely descriptive post.
    Lisloughrey Lodge is in Cong Co. Mayo, and I would love the chance to treat us there.

    • Hi Pat,
      Thanks a million. I try to ‘keep it real’ as much as possible
      and am always very honest when it comes to reviewing places.
      Our collective 30+ years in the industry have seen us eating and sleeping at a lot of places
      That think they are all that, but sadly they are not. Lisloughrey Lodge ticks all the right boxes and you would love a night away there. Best of luck and thanks for joining in the giveaway!

  • Lisloughrey lodge is in cong co mayo

    • Thanks Syro,
      Best of luck to you for a win!

  • Now this is horrendously off-topic, but thank you for your mention of the Dyson Slim, the existence of which had quite slipped past me. I have bought it.

    • It is horrendously off topic Mise but given the sensitive nature
      I can totally understand you veering off topic for a brief interlude.
      I had to buy one myself. The sheer thought of others having one and sweeping up faster and cordless
      left me in quite a tangle. Glad you caved. We should be brand ambassadors, non?

  • Quiet man country…….Cong co.Mayo
    Sounds idyllic

    • It is very ‘quiet’ that’s for sure Abigail!
      And yes, idyllic too. Thanks for entering the giveaway.
      Hope all is trucking along nicely x

  • Cong Co Mayo
    *whining noises*

    • ’tis indeed in Cong. All whining noises must be muted I am afraid.
      Good luck though!

  • I am so curious about that coca-cola marinated lamb!

    • IT WAS FABULOUS! Kale – for some reason the last two of your comments were sitting pretty in my SPAM folder.
      I never check it – but decided to do so this evening as we are running a giveaway and I wanted to make sure no one slipped through the cracks
      and here I find two from you!! So so sorry….you must think I am awfully rude to be ignoring you like this.
      Bad blogger I am x I will pay extra special attention to my SPAM folder from now on. Hope all is well in your utopia.

  • It is located in Cong, Co Mayo

    • Yes Shane it is and thanks very much for paying a visit to the blog!

  • Hi Móna,

    The answer is Cong, County Mayo. Have all my fingers crossed! It looks absolutely stunning- glad you enjoyed your break!


    • Hello David,
      Thanks for reading and entering the draw for Lisloughrey Lodge.
      best of luck!

  • That coca-cola marinated Lamb sounds so intriguing!

    • It was great kale – I need to see if I can get that technique & recipe from him. It fell apart
      with the tenderness. Hope all is well in your little utopia x

  • Include me in the list for Cong, just down the road from Galway

    • Thanks Pauline,
      You are in the running. I will let everyone know who the winner is on
      July 15th in the afternoon. Thanks for signing up to the blog!

  • Cong Co. Mayo. Would LOVE this prize

  • It’s in Cong, Co. Mayo!!
    Love Lisloughrey Lodge, live about 1/2 an hour away and it’s a real gem of a place

  • Cong, County Mayo.

  • Would love a visit to Cong, Co. Mayo . . . see how the other side lives !!

  • Answer – Cong, Co. Mayo! Now I’ll head off and sign up for your email and go ‘like’ Lisloughrey’s FB page – already a ‘liker’ of yours I think Móna 🙂

  • Cong, Co Mayo – I think – fingers crossed

  • Lisloughrey lodge is in co mayo

  • This beautiful hotel is situated in the beautiful village of Cong Co Mayo We Love visiting cong every time we head to Galway or Mayo. My husband is obsessed with The Quiet Man and visits Cong at least twice a year!

  • Lovely Review on a Fab Place to Stay in Magic Mayo!!!
    Lisloughrey Lodge Is located in
    Cong, County Mayo, Ireland.
    Just happens im off work that week, what a perfect getaway that would be!!! xx

  • Cong, co. Mayo

  • Lisloughrey Lodge, is situated in the beautiful village of Cong, County Mayo. That was the location of the filming of one of the most famous films ever made ‘The Quiet Man’. An absolute gem of a place come through there at least 3 times a year just to go for a walk and there are fabulous walks and nature trails in the area. Would absolutely love to win the prize on offer just a ‘wee treat for me’ and boy would I have plenty to write about. Dianne, Donegal..

  • Cong, Co Mayo

  • Just to mention the only time I stayed in Cong was in 2005, and it was at the Youth Hostel. My second youngest at the time fell and broke his arm on the monkey bars, so my 2 nights there were cut short with spending half the second night in A&E in Galway.

    • Oh wow – what a terrible thing to happen.
      Hopefully, if you are the winner of the giveaway, your night away will not be so traumatic this time around!

  • cong, co mayo

  • Cong, Co. Mayo.

    I’ve never been to this part of Ireland but friends love it

  • Answer is Cong Co Mayo. Have everything crossed to win this fab prize :o)

  • Hi there,

    Please include me. The answer is Cong, Co. Mayo!

    Fingers crossed,

    Thanks xx

  • Lisloughrey lodge is located in cong, co. mayo. A great competition!

    • Hi Janine,
      Thank you very much. We get a lot of goodies to giveaway and I am always excited when it is a place, or an item, that I LOVE.
      Thanks for your entry – please also make sure (to be eligible) for the prize that you have signed up via Feedburner to receive updates from our blog. You can sign up right here : http://feedburner.google.com/fb/a/mailverify?uri=wisewords/KPnS

      We have a cool giveaway with a Kelly Moore bag (http://kellymoorebag.com/) next month!

  • Cong, County Mayo, am also not too far away, on the border of roscommon/sligo and the last time myself and my husband had a night away was approx 13 and a half years ago, after the birth of our first daughter. Job and finances sucumbed after that and we desperately would love a break, particulary after hubby has been ill for the past 18 months following swine flu 🙁 thank you and have my fingies and toes crossed x

    • Hello Dawn,
      Wow – sounds like our life Dawn. Hard to get away once the kids enter the picture.
      I hope your hubby is on the mend.
      Thanks for your entry – please also make sure (to be eligible) for the prize that you have signed up via Feedburner to receive updates from our blog. You can sign up right here : http://feedburner.google.com/fb/a/mailverify?uri=wisewords/KPnS

      We have a cool giveaway with a Kelly Moore bag (http://kellymoorebag.com/) next month!

  • Answer cong …co mayo …mary carroll

  • Lisloughrey Lodge is located in Cong, Co. Mayo. It’s so beautiful in Cong.

  • Hi Mona,
    The answer is Cong, Co. Mayo.
    Fingers crossed xx

  • Cong Co.Mayo

  • Located in Cong, Co Mayo.
    Would sell my granny for the chance to spend a night here!

    • Hi Susan,
      *Full Disclosure* We are not now, nor have we been looking for any Grannys. We are all full up here!
      Love your sense of humor and I am certain you deserve the break!
      Thanks for your entry – please also make sure (to be eligible) for the prize that you have signed up via Feedburner to receive updates from our blog. You can sign up right here : http://feedburner.google.com/fb/a/mailverify?uri=wisewords/KPnS

      We have a cool giveaway with a Kelly Moore bag (http://kellymoorebag.com/) next month!

  • Cong Co Mayo…. place sounds amazing and food to die for!!

    Ciara 🙂

  • Cong co mayo

  • The answer is Cong, Co Mayo….and that shellfish with oatmeal looks devine!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sinead,
      I am not lying. I thought it would be ‘not great’ and I am still dreaming of it.
      So so so good.
      Thanks for your entry – please also make sure (to be eligible) for the prize that you have signed up via Feedburner to receive updates from our blog. You can sign up right here : http://feedburner.google.com/fb/a/mailverify?uri=wisewords/KPnS

      We have a cool giveaway with a Kelly Moore bag (http://kellymoorebag.com/) next month!

      • Done 🙂

        • Thank you m’am and best of luck to ya!

  • Cong, County Mayo

    Hoping to win! This pregnant mama could use a break! Best of luck everyone. 🙂

  • Cong , co mayo.

  • Cong, Co.Mayo. fab prize , would so love to take a trip to Mayo 🙂

  • Cong, Co Mayo..

  • Cong,Co.Mayo…Lisloughrey Lodge looks lovely,we have never had a holiday in mayo,and its only down d road from us!!as we always go abroad,tis is the type of break we are lookin for this summer!!so everything crossed!!

  • Cong, co mayo

  • Lisloughrey Lodge overlooks Lough Corrib near Cong Co Mayo. what an amazing prize i would love to win this 🙂

  • Cong, co. mayo

  • Lisloughrey Lodge is located near Cong on County Mayo, what an amazing prize i would love to win this 🙂

    • Hi Claire, – I know. It is a lovely little giveaway and we are delighted to be able to offer it up to our readers.
      Thanks for your entry – please also make sure (to be eligible) for the prize that you have signed up via Feedburner to receive updates from our blog. You can sign up right here : http://feedburner.google.com/fb/a/mailverify?uri=wisewords/KPnS

      We have a cool giveaway with a Kelly Moore bag (http://kellymoorebag.com/) next month!

  • its located in Cong Co May.. I would love to win this prize

  • Lisloughery lodge is located in Cong.Co.Mayo

  • looks amazing. would really love to try it .hope im lucky

  • Cong, Co. Mayo

  • Cong, County Mayo.

  • Cong, Co Mayo.. Fingers crossed!!!

  • It looks to be an amazing peaceful lodge, defintely worth a stay, Lovely Pictures.

    • Hi Noelle. Thanks a million. It is just lovely here. And thanks for the nice compliment on the photos. I am only a hobbyist with a camera but try hard to capture the nice places as best I can! Thanks for your entry – please also make sure (to be eligible) for the prize that you have signed up via Feedburner to receive updates from our blog. You can sign up right here : http://feedburner.google.com/fb/a/mailverify?uri=wisewords/KPnS

      We have a cool giveaway with a Kelly Moore bag (http://kellymoorebag.com/) next month!

  • Answer is the lovely Cong in County Mayo.
    Fab prize guys

  • The beautiful Lisloughrey Lodge located in Cong, Co Mayo

  • Cong, Co. Mayo

  • Cong Co Mayo. Thanks

  • Lisloughrey Lodge is located in Cong, Co. Mayo 🙂

  • Cong Co Mayo

  • Cong Co.Mayo is the location of the beautiful Lisloughrey Lodge. Was supposed to go for my 40th birthday but unfortunately circumstances conspired against me so I’d just love to win this prize. Couldn’t get nicer

    • Hi Sinead – wow. Sorry to hear about your 40th birthday party. Sometimes things do not go according to plan! Best of luck for a win!
      Thanks for your entry – please also make sure (to be eligible) for the prize that you have signed up via Feedburner to receive updates from our blog. You can sign up right here : http://feedburner.google.com/fb/a/mailverify?uri=wisewords/KPnS

      We have a cool giveaway with a Kelly Moore bag (http://kellymoorebag.com/) next month!

  • Cong, Co. Mayo. What a fab prize!!

  • Lisloughrey Lodge is located in Cong, County Mayo (great detailed review – puts Lonely Planet in the shade!)

  • hi would it b
    Situated in South border of County Mayo close to Galway and Connemara… really great prize..

  • Cong, Co Mayo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Cong, Co. Mayo

  • Cong, Co. Mayo. Thank you 🙂

  • jLisloughrey Lodge is in Cong , County Mayo..

    Controlled crying , sleeping in different kiddies bed every other night, could definitely do with this..

  • Co. Mayo

  • Cong, Co Mayo.
    Lovely pics of costa del Ireland

  • Hi Mona,

    We would love a night away in this beautiful place.
    Lisloughrey is located in Cong Co Mayo.

  • Cong, County Mayo

  • Lisloughery Lodge is located in the beautiful town of “Cong”.My husband and i went there for a drive recently and the hotel looks stunning.Love those types of hotels.Really enjoyed the review.Wed love a night there it would be a great way to start off our holidays the following week! 🙂

    • Hello Deirdre,
      I know. It is just a gorgeous place. You are right – this would be a fabulous way to kick off the holidays indeed!
      Thanks for your entry – please also make sure (to be eligible) for the prize that you have signed up via Feedburner to receive updates from our blog. You can sign up right here : http://feedburner.google.com/fb/a/mailverify?uri=wisewords/KPnS

      We have a cool giveaway with a Kelly Moore bag (http://kellymoorebag.com/) next month!

  • Cong Co Mayo

  • Lisloughrey Lodge is located in Cong, Co. Mayo

    Found you through ‘mummypages’, have signed up for your newsletter (no hardship there, your blog looks brilliant!!)

    Off now to check out the Lodge’s facebook page!!

    • Hi there Sinead and thanks a million!
      Best of luck to you for a win then!
      Stay tuned because next month we have a lovely bag from Kelly Moore to give away http://kellymoorebag.com/

  • Cong in beautiful Co Mayo

  • It’s in cong, c mayo a very beautiful part of the world. How lucky you were to experience such a treat!

  • Looks really lovely. Best of luck to everyone.

  • cong co may

  • Cong, co.Mayo!

  • Cong, Co. Mayo. It looks fab!

  • Hi great blog and a wonderful prize!

    Answer: Cong, Co.Mayo. 🙂

  • Lisloughrey Lodge Cong, County Mayo, The warm welcome and hospitality associated with the Lodge can be traced way back to the late 1800’s and 1900’s where fishermen, huntsmen and nature walkers to name a few were received at the Lodge.

  • Cong, Co. Mayo.
    My best friend got married here some years ago. They were the first couple to get wed in the beautiful hotel. I’ve always wanted to get back there as it holds such lovely memories, not to mention the beautiful food, bedrooms and magical setting. Fingers crossed 😉

    • Hello Rachel,
      How lovely! Their was a small wedding there when we stayed over and one of the things I liked the. Oat was how private the whole affair was. Fingers crossed you get to go back there soon…remember to be eligible
      please make sure you are signed up to receive regular updates from the blog http://feedburner.google.com/fb/a/mailverify?uri=wisewords/KPnS and stay tuned because next month we have a gorgeous bag from http://kellymoorebag.com/ to give away!

  • Cong, Co.Mayo 🙂

  • Cong, County Mayo

  • Lisloughrey Lodge is located in Cong, Co. Mayo

  • Cong, Co. Mayo – hope I win!!

  • Cong Co Mayo, Ireland……

  • Cong, Co. Mayo

  • Liked (loved) soo am awaiting your emails on your specials. Love the write up and would love of course to win your comp……and the answer is Lisloughrey Lodge is in Cong Co. Mayo.
    This place looks such a haven and could totally chill there. Rooms are lovely so have my fingers, toes, legs (even teeth crossed!!) that I may win this fabaroonie of a prize. X

    • Hi Denise,
      Best of luck to you! It is a total ‘chill out’ place for sure!
      I am sure you would enjoy every second of the getaway!

  • Lisloughrey lodge is located in Cong, Co. Mayo.

  • Cong, Co Mayo – with family links to this wonderful part of the world it would be a welcome treat to spend the night at this wonderful destination Lisloughrey Lodge. Can’t wait to tell them I’m coming their way!

  • Lisloughrey Lodge is located in Cong, County Mayo, Ireland.

  • cong co mayo

  • Lisloughrey Lodge is located in Cong, Co. Mayo

  • Hi Mona, just checking back in to see if the competition deadline has been reached for the lovely Lisloughrey Lodge competition! Dying to find out who the winner is…

    • Hello there – it will be announced on Sunday July 15th –
      not to worry – I will let you know x

  • Lisloughrey is behind Ashford Castle overlooking Lough Corrib near Cong, Co Mayo.

    I’ve never been in Lisloughrey but the quay beside it is one of my favourite spots for photographing.

    Signed up with the email thingy, and looking forward to reading more blog updates.

    • Hi Rita,
      The quay is gorgoeus. We took a boat ride up on the Corrib a few weeks ago and it was just gorgoeus.
      Thanks for signing up and best of luck x

  • its located in Cong, Co Mayo. Fingers and toes crossed!

    • Hello there and thanks for joining in the fun.
      YEs – it is in Cong indeed!
      Best of luck to you for a win then!

  • Lisloughrey is in Cong, Co. Mayo. We are thinking of having our wedding here and would love a first hand experience. Pick me please!

    • Lovely Lisa…
      Your name is in the hat! And the drawing is tomorrow!

  • […] few weeks ago the lovely folks at Lisloughrey Lodge offered us an overnight getaway for […]

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