Jul 19 2012

Seafood Pancakes (The Sunday Times Column. July 15th 2012)

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Hello fellow food lovers,

Please find below the longer and unedited version of our weekly contribution to The Sunday Times newspaper for the week of July 15th 2012). We have included a few recipes for a sweet potato seafood pancake with a Korean dipping sauce and an excellent recipe for Gooseberry fig rolls. I hope you enjoy giving them a whirl!

On a side note … and hence my ‘quietness’ on the blogging front, two of my siblings are here with their children. That makes for ten kids under the age of eleven being underfoot for the last week and for some of next week too. So everything revolves around them and the current level of starvation they all seem to be experiencing at any given time throughout the day.

BUT wait readers – I have not forgotten about you. Next week, my good friend Simone from Junglefrog cooking blog is coming to visit us and I CANT WAIT to see her. She is going to take a few days worth of photos for our second book (The Chef & I … with kids) so if you are watching our Facebook page or Twitter stream you might be in for a little treat. If you are living in Galway and want to come help out then leave me a comment here on the blog and I will contact you and give you an idea of what/when/where etc.

The book sales are still trickling in. We have not broken even yet but are happy at the steady pace things are flowing in at and expect by Christmas we will have sold close to 500 copies. Maybe more? Have you bought the book? Did you like it?

If not, well now is your chance! The hard copy can be found (free shipping worldwide folks) right here at Kennys.ie and the eBook can be downloaded right here. Have at it. Let me know what you think please.



The weekly chore of churning out a piece for The Sunday Times keeps the Chef hopping here at home. He is branching out and starting to take an interest in several different styles of cooking and I can’t say there are any complaints here at home. “More please’ is all we hear from the kids.

So there you have it, crazy kid chaos here at Chez Wise with ten kids but they are happy to be together so we just sit back and try to deafen the little girl squeals (6 girls and four boys) as best we can.

I hope your summer is going well, drop me a comment and let me know how y’all are doing!



Click on image below for The Sunday Times Column piece.

Seafood pancakes with             Korean dipping sauce and             Gooseberry fig rolls

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  • I’ve never seen seafood pancakes before but these look delicious – I was so intrigued, I had to click-through and read the Sunday Times piece. I bet these taste amazing and what a unique dish…

    • Hello,
      They are delicious. We whip them up sometimes on Friday afternoons for the kids when they come
      home from school and they just devour them. Thanks so much for clicking through for a read and the comment.

  • It may be a perfect time to plan a column on cooking with children? Mine particularly like making cheese scones with a blob of warm nutella. Sounds so tempting, doesn’t it?

    • I wonder? It seems the Mexican recipes last week were the biggest hot so far.
      We are working on our second book this week (photos and recipes) and it is all
      Kid-friendly. But I have come to the realisation that it is best to only have two at a time
      In the kitchen…six, eight or ten is our chaos! We will work on something maybe for back-to-school.
      Maybe to make lunchtime treats a bit more interesting.

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