Aug 1 2012

We interrupt this program …

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Remember me? I have been buried alive since June 30th under house guests. Mostly little people (ten of them under the age of eleven). This Friday, the last of our house guests will leave and we will be ‘free’ for the rest of what is left of ‘summer’.

We will return to regular blathering and recipe sharing and storytelling at that point. The image below is of a few roasted n’ stuffed peppers we had last night. There are two leftover and I am getting ready to heat them up with a poached egg for breakfast. If you hurry – you can have one.

In the meantime you should know that this makes all the difference in the world to the current state of my kitchen floor.

My brother, who according to the children is ‘taller-therfore-seems-older-but-is-really-younger-than-MOM’, is here wreaking pure havoc vacationing with his two adorable children little monsters and so far he has crashed and rebuilt my network, killed and rebuilt my iMac and upgraded and downgraded and backed up everything we own. I am in such a tizzy over it all and can’t tell you if I will ever be able to figure out HOW THIS WORKS – but everything is moving SO MUCH FASTER I feel like I should quit caffeine.

Last week, a friend of mine from Plate2Page workshop came to visit. She took A LOT of gorgeous photos that will feature in our second book. She also ‘upgraded’ me and now I am using this. I have never used anything like this. It is a whole new world of learning for me but because everything moves A LOT FASTER around here now, I am using it in every room of the house at any given second. She also gave me a serious tutorial in how best to use photo processing software and how to make the best damn Quinoa salad we have ever had.

Recently, we dined here. It was good – but don’t go running there for supper just yet. Give me, and them, a few weeks to let the dust settle and I will give you a full and lovely report. In the meantime though, feel free to stop in to their lovely bar for a pint.



The children had burritos for dinner last night. Above image was taken after several beers were consumed and still managed to look fabless.

It seems, that Mexican food is A HUGE hit with us Irish people. So far, with our weekly column in The Sunday Times – we have had the best response to the Mexican grub. Honestly – I can’t blame y’all.

In the words of Dora-the-explorer it is DELICIOSO!

Ok – off to make breakfast for all the noisemakers.

Last cute image of this blog post is brought to you courtesy of Ms. Rory Belle aged 2 ish … we call this ‘vacum face’. This was the face she used to make everytime I turned on the vacum cleaner. This tells you NOTHING about how clean or dirty my house was. It meerly just sheds light on the fact that our toddler had an aversion to loud noises … and who am I to scare the bejeezus outta her?

Recipes from last weeks Sunday Times column will follow later today if I can figure out how to use my new mouse!

Those are all the WiseWords I have for today . . .How is your summer going?

The above ‘closing question’ is merely just to pay tribute to one of my favourite funny female bloggers.


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  • I noticed your absence 😉 Missed your posts even though I got a fix from the Sunday Times – wasn’t the same 😉
    I wish I had a brother (or someone in my life) to come and upgrade everything and teach me techie things. Isn’t the summer flying by? Really wish the weather would improve for a while.
    Will hated the hoover too, used to cry like anything – had to get Brian to take him out for ten minutes while I raced around with it!

    • My brother, who also reads the blog, was ragging in me last night about the
      lack of my blog posts…having all the kids around leaves no time for lingering over the laptop!
      I am knee deep in laundry and playsand! The upgrades are fab…I am over the moon with all his little
      changes and will make sure to use them all frequently! Yes, I wish the weather would smarten up but at least it is not too cold here in Galway xx

  • HOLA Grumpy Old Troll who lives under a bridge.

    I have the light room also – it rocks. I told the people with the steak to get some plates – they said they would, job done!

    Adios Amigo
    Boots the Monkey!

    • I knew you would be one of the ‘Dora’ people.
      We are looking forward to a return visit and the bar is very nice ;0)

  • Haha… I can now totally understand why you do not have time to blog! I didn’t have time to make myself a coffee in the few hours you left me all by my self with the… They’re great kids though so you’ll be seeing me back at some point (with Tom) I really had a fab time and I still have to sort through all my gazillion photos. As soon as I was back work kicked back in again and I have been pretty backlogged actually. Trying to sort through it all.
    Thanks again Mona for having me over and glad you’re liking Lightroom. Did you end up getting the wifi card? It seems to be only existing with an SD card for now… 🙁

    • Hey there!
      I know. It has been NON-STOP since you left too. Our American friend left this morning and my brother and Keira/Reamonn leave on Friday.
      I am taking the weekend ‘off’ from laundry and floor sweeping and dishes!
      I am liking the ‘Lightroom’ but it will take me ages to actually figure it out. No worries though – I will keep working at it.
      AND – my brother is still looking for the the Wi-fi card for me. I will keep you posted xx
      Yes – Ron says next time bring Tom and they can go fishing!

  • Oh my gosh. I love the ‘vacuum face’. We have a ‘sandwich face’ in our family. So, so funny what kids will do.

    • Hi Bernadine,
      How is your summer going? We are still not getting much great weather but the children are just having a great – well earned – break from school and routine. I know – we love that little face too xx Kids are fab!

  • I actually came over here last night wondering if my email alerts got lost. Welcome back and some of us adore your blathering. And your photos. I want more photos of kiddies. And food. Those burritos look fab!!! I loved this post. I sit here chuckling….

    • ‘morning Jamie…the burritos were excellent. I was chastised by the kids for not ‘rolling’ them correctly.
      They are a tough crowd. More photos to follow later of all the kiddos.

  • Oh and what I would have given to spent the weekend with you and Simone!

    • We will have to plan better when she and Tom come back! We have enough room for you and JP to join in the fun xx

  • Yup that burrito does look rather fabless, Mona.

    I have huge sympathy with Rory Belle. I too make that face when there’s vacuuming to be done 🙁

    • Ha ha ha….I never thought of it that way but you are right…no one really enjoys the vacuuming.
      I will say that she has, however, bonded with the Dyson Slim.

  • A busy summer for sure but it all sounds like a riot of fun. Simone’s Quinoa Salad does look very enticing! If I was as busy as you have been the past month+ I doubt I’d even remember that I had a blog and other deadlines to meet. Wondering with all the company comings and goings and new technology to learn that your own face is starting to look like little Rory Belle’s vacuum face! Hang in there Mona 🙂

    • I think I am starting to feel that way.
      Tomorrow … After everyone has left to go home, we are going to our favourite park for a nice long walk
      with the kids and planning a pizza and movie night…. Maybe even light a fire.
      I will be asleep by 7pm! Funny, but as much as I am stressed over going back to school/college in September I can’t wait just to get ‘me’ time again! But in a few years they will be too old and too cool to hang out at home with their parents so we will enjoy it while it lasts!

  • Ah thank you, Móna; what a dear you are, and utterly deserving of the joy that only clean floors can bring. It’s good to know you’ll soon be emerging from the scrum and back to the high-octane chitchat here on Wise Words once more, though all those young children quite rightfully have priority over the viewing audience.

    • Oh – I hope there will be high-octane Mise. I am feeling rather deflated this morning actually.
      I just said goodbye to the last of the visitors. My niece and nephew and my brother all return home
      to Zurich today after having had three weeks of fun here with us at Chez Wise and it has left me very sad.
      BUT – the sun is sparkling and we are off to Coole Park today for a nice long hike with the kids and a picnic.
      Enjoy the weekend.

  • Hi mona,

    Summer is going too fast. We’ve been to San Deigo, Cabo Mexico, I got my first set of golf clubs (playing in a tournament on Labor Day Sept. 3); have plans to go to north carolina for xmas with in-laws & family (i’ve never been anywhere); I got a 2nd monthly assignment for the magazine I write for; keeping our weight under control; enjoying life. Thanks for asking! p.s. been reading too & trying to write ‘fiction’ which for me is much, much harder than non-fiction, which I generally write. It’s a whole new ballgame.

    • Hello Bernadine,
      My gosh you have been busy!
      Well done on your assignment. It is always nice to have work!
      And I hear you on the fiction. I an=m a non-fiction gal all the way.
      I read non-fiction (mostly) too so it is hard to wrap my head around ‘making stuff up’ when
      I am so comfortable writing the real stuff. Summer is going too fast!
      Thanks for popping in for a visit :0)

  • Missed you. Have been running around like a lunatic after the 3 boys all summer. I have not been near the laptop too much myself but have checked in here the odd time hoping for a post just like this one. I love that photo of Rory Belle, its too cute. Poor Tommie is scared of the hoover too and sometimes when he is really naughty we threaten the’ noo noo’ on him. So mean but it works ! We met an Irish family from Galway living in our little town,( what are the odds) we are overjoyed and the boys have some new Irish friends their age so its been a grand summer so far . Off to the Cape for a week for some sea-air, enjoy whats left of yours.

    • Hello – Oh Brenda a week on the cape sounds lovely!
      We are having a gorgeous summer. A bit wet but the kids have been playing outside all but two days so far so I can’t complain.
      We have traveled a lot all too this summer so seeing new and nice parts of Ireland that I had never seen before is a treat for me.
      Back to school in three weeks so trying like made to pack a lot in before we all hit the books again for the academic year.
      The thoughts of being a college graduate this time next year will for sure keep me motivated, right?

  • Hey! Glad to have you back. I’m not surprised you didn’t have time to blog – even reading your post tired me out. Its tough to fit everything in when the house is full of people.
    I love that last photo – so cute! My two make faces like that now when I try to get them to bed “but it’s summertime, we don’t have to get up in the morning!”

    • Hi Ellie,
      Ours are run so ragged these days that they are begging for bed by the time bedtime rolls around.
      Last night my daughter told me she was dying to go back to school.
      I was glad to hear that! Hope you are getting a bit of sun today xx

  • Hey – welcome back stranger ;o) You certainly have been busy – am wildly envious of your weekend with Simone (and your Lightroom!). Loving both the chiles rellenos and the vacuum face 😉 Sending you an exciting e-mail soon!

    • Jeanne!
      Hello there – oh how I loved all your Olympic Tweets! I was mad jealous not to be living in London this summer
      and had I not a house full of little hungry munchkins I would totally have popped over to join in the celebration. I can only imagine that the buzz is still lingering even though the games have come to an end.
      The week with Simone was just fabulous. She is just SO TALENTED when it comes to photography and Lightroom
      and of course, was so kind and generous with her time to sit there and try to teach me …. I am a terrible student. Anyway – looking forward to your email and life going back to normal once kids go back to school and I to college!

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