Sep 5 2012

Hello Galway, I’m listening …

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Well, I am back. Slightly sore from my first 10 k walk of the academic year but made it in brisk time and feeling electrifyingly alive as I sit here tapping on the typing keys. Yes, I realise if you are a runner you will laugh your butt off at this ‘fast time’ of mine.

But yet smugly I sit here.

While out walking I was forced to listen to snippets of conversations, as I walked behind or infront, of those I encountered along the way. Should you be a writer of fiction, I would take the following little snippets and use them as a prompt to write the next BIG BESTSELLING novel you have been waiting to write. (They all have legs).


Drunk bum drinking buckky along the canalside walk-of-shame murmuring and muttering something about the next big game. You motioned to me toothlessly, and I smiled back with half a grin, knowing sooner or later, you’d be paying for your lifelong drinking sin.


The Daddys pushing puschairs with toddlers running behind you in tow, you’re walking along the waters edge – keep an eye on the kids you know! Yes the waters nice and calm today, but Galway weather changes without notice you see – so keep a hand on those little ones – or you’ll be hearing from me!


The beautiful Russian redhead – mid forties it would seem, stroking her belly blossomed, as if to sooth it – we might deem. But talking on the phone, in English – so strained and sad – it seemed like she was fighting with the unborns (possible) Dad. She mentioned wanting to kill him, it seemed a threat we wives know all to well. I’m sure it was the hormones as her baby belly swells.


The yummy mummys at the cafe .. o’er looking their Range Rovers parked out front. I envy the luxury of time you have, and hope someday to pull that stunt. It’s funny though, I noticed, with all the luxuries of cars and prams abound, not one of you was smiling …. you seemed sad with lipstick frowns.


And finally on my way back, sweat dripping on my brow, I paused to say hello my friend, to ‘Laurence-the ladykiller’ as he sat on his boats bow. ‘Stay and have the tea with me’ … says he luring me in like he’s known to do…

‘No Laurence I must run, late for class and my first day too’.


This ends my observations for today … but scroll down for a few photos please.


After my walk … I went to fill up my water bottle and was so (not shocked at all) dismayed to see the same tired old food in the canteen.


Are we still stuck in the seventies here or what?

I am back in college – looks like it will be a 30 hour week of class and tutorials.

I am trying to stay cool, calm and collected and not freak out over the work load that is ahead of me and hope that I can get my head in the game and start back to studying with a bang. The Chef bought me some very comfortable ‘gear’ and I am glad to see he still has a sense of humour over loosing ‘me’ for the academic year.

Ah shur wouldn’t we all prefer to be sitting at home sipping one?


Meanwhile, back at Chez Wise … the kids are back to school also and so absorbed in their own world of drama (apparently there is very little ‘golden time’ in school this year – now that they are all older and have to actually ‘work’ in class!) that they have not really noticed I am not there. This is all thanks to the support of my husband and mother, of course.

The terrible two … (the other two kiddies are not allowed to be photographed for the internet (HSE law))


Ok – back to work I must go. If you are out buying the newspaper this Sunday (September 9th), then buy The Sunday Times please. We have a recipe for Blackberry Buttermilk Buns in our weekly column that will knock-your-socks-off.




Hope y’all are doing well and still trucking along xx



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  • What a lovely read, Móna. Loved your poetic snippets of your observations along the way. Just to say your walk time is fab! It would take me at least twice that 🙂 x

    • Ah now – it is these long Galway legs of mine Colette :0)
      I am glad to be back and have a bit of time … but my golly am I loaded with homework already.
      The walk keeps me sane and healthy x Thanks for the visit!

  • Mmmm yum to your buns! As if I’d buy any other paper 😀 Am impressed you walked that on your first day (really??) Best of luck with it, take each day as it comes and comfort from the fact that your family love and support you throughout, however tough it becomes xx

    • Hi Dee!
      Well Iam a 5K – a – day kinda girl and the walk from NUIG out to the end of the Prom is exactly 10k – there and back.
      Even in the rain it is a lovely walk so when I have two hours ‘free’ the temptation to be out by the sea is massive.
      Head clear and legs stretched = alertness for the afternoon! Thanks for the support. I can feel the love all the way here in Galway.

  • Great observation Mona….and the kids look great! Good luck with school. Looking forward to those ass kicking blackberry muffins this Sunday!

    • Ha! Thanks Imen xx
      I am sure that once you get your hands on this recipe you will make it sing
      and take some very pretty pictures too. Thanks for the support too.
      I need all the luck I can get!

  • Happy back to school to everyone! Hugs to all.

    • Thanks Mary Sue,
      The Chef has started baking his way through the Virginia bakery book
      and are those treats delicious x
      Miss you guys and can’t wait to see you again.

  • Now if you were Maeve Binchy…… you’d have at least 3 maybe 4 books already started on those snippets!


    • I know Margaret *sigh*
      But shur there is plenty of time to hone my craft and for now I need to just
      get stuck back in. See you soon I hope xx

  • Wonderful…..Hail rain or snow, Galway Prom is the place to go….loved the snippets too.

    • Thanks Rachel x I do love a prom walk!
      Hope you are all settled back in at home.

  • Well I have to thank you Mona – on this sunny glorious day The Chef & I arrived in the post, giving me the perfect excuse to down tools and kick back in the sunshine with a cuppa and your book. If I try really hard I could consider it work (well a girl has got to do her research before she interviews a SUPERSTAR on her radio show!!). I am really enjoying it Mona and can’t wait to chat with you on the 29th. Now, step away from the computer and go do some study…:)

    • Ha ha! Glad you got a copy of the book
      and that you like it Fiona. Just on the way
      home now from a very long day at school! Chat soon and looking
      forward to it.

  • But thesecanteen wraps had herbs (!!) on them. They were actually the luxury version of the same wraps we got all sommer long! Unfortunately something went terribly wrong with the salt there.

    • If you eat something that has sat there that long under those heat lamps
      your body will suffer from it. The fruit bowl on your desk looks so much more inviting Tina.

  • Oh Mona, I loved those observations so much. That picture of the canteen food made me laugh out loud ! I hated it so much but so often scoffed it down between a crazy day student teaching and evening lectures. If only we were there at the same time, we could have had coffee and whined about how hard it is to be a mum and student all at once. You are doing such a great job, best of luck with this year !

    • Hi Brenda!
      Thanks so much. I have to say this is the year that scares me.
      My grades, high or low, will determine ‘what’ I carry on to do
      so I have to work hardest this year. The food is still shocking
      but others have assured me it is not that bad. I think I am comparing it
      to what I share on my Instagram stream…and that is not really ‘apples to apples’ is it?
      Hope your lads are settled back in to school and you in to a bit of free time xx

  • Still truckin’ here. Hope the back to school went well for the wise-eens. And hope your back to college goes well too. My two have just settled back into school and all going well so far – fingers crossed.
    Love the look of those buns – good enough to eat!! ;o)

    • Hi Ellie,
      The Wise-eens are blissful at school this year. All a bit older, and er, Wiser?
      The college life suits me, but I am scared of the work load. But shur I wrote a book
      last year…how hard can final year be? The buns are the business and we are working on a recipe for
      a new glaze that will no doubt surface in a few weeks once perfected. I exppect to see buckets of blackberries
      floating around next week and blackberry buns everywhere!

  • Ah Mona I started back today as well, I had about a 6 minute window when i could have met you for coffee but alas the walk from áras moyola to the main canvas frightened me into not calling you.. next time I am in is the 24th September and I will endeavour to meet you then. should be a less mad schedule.. My workload made me want to cry as well.. ah sure I’ll be laughing in June when we get finished.. good luck with your studies

    • Niamh,
      I have your number and am setting a ‘Siri alert’ on my phone for the week of 24th Sept to find you!
      I can hop over to Aras Moyola no bother and we can go from there. I was a bit tears last night burying my head in my workload …then fell asleep. A fresh start to the day and well rested, I do not feel as overwhelmed this morning. Best of luck to you on your course, there will be some celebrating next May when I am done for sure! (and I will celebrate again with you in June xx)

  • Congratulations on completing your first 10K walk of the academic year! Best wishes to you this semester and to the kids!
    Your walks are certainly more interesting than mine and I loved reading your observations. I rarely meet up with anyone on my walks. It’s just me and the dog in conversation though it is rather one-sided most of the time 🙂

    • Thanks Paula – there will be plenty more walks. I have even had a few emails from readers wanting to join me!
      I hope they can keep up :0)
      I am a gatherer, it seems. I love grasping bits and pieces of peoples lives and conjuring up my own little stores
      regarding who they are and what they might be going through in that exact moment. It keeps my writers-mind active!
      I take the dog with me sometimes too – but only down the road near our house where she can run free off her leash.
      And I hear ya – it is very one-sided! Hope all is well. Looking forward to your Halloween cookie decorating and your Christmas Cookies too!

  • To be fair now, Móna, you only covered 5.08km, as I know you’d want to give me credit for half of it as I couldn’t turn out myself. I found the vicarious 5km very tiring, to be honest, and feel I deserve a full batch of those blackberry buttermilk buns that I’ll be making on Sunday. Are your children good blackberry-pickers?

    • Alright…I will concede and give you the 5k only if it comes with the blackberry buns.
      I wonder if I would move faster in those Uggs drenched in the rain?
      Are they even waterproof? The mind boggles Mise.
      And yes…they are Olympians now at the blackberry picking.
      And I am working on a blackberry cordial that will knock everyone’s socks off. Soon to be shared also.
      Hope all is well further west and you are bracing yourself for the cold!

  • Happy back-to-school/college, Mona. Though, looks like you’ll have to bring packed lunch – or give the canteen a link to your column … 🙂

    • Thanks Hester! I am back on the blogging bandwagon too so will be paying visits all round
      this weekend. Funny, how much I miss everyone’s little stories. When I have no time to write, there’s even less time to read it seems! Hope all is well in the East x

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