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{When in Galway} Lunares Spanish Restaurant and Tapas Bar

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3 Daly’s Place, (near McSwiggans)

Woodquay, Galway, Ireland

Phone + 353 (0) 91 44 56 18 / + 353 (0) 91 44 57 34

eMail : LunaresRestaurant@Hotmail.com

Facebook : Lunares


Lunares Facade

It is no secret that the world of (food) blogging can be downright competitive. I would even go as far as to say that there have been plenty of occasions where bloggers, despite many insisting it is a ‘supportive’ community, get down right nasty.

I manage to steer clear of a lot of it because I live in a small city and to my knowledge there is only one other food blogger in my hometown … she can kick my ass with her words any day of the week.

As a matter of fact, I am sharing this restaurant review with you today because she beat me to the finish-line with her review of Lunares Spanish Restaurant and Tapas Bar in yesterday’s weekly issue of the Galway Advertiser.

Screen Shot 2013-01-05 at 18.44.25

I sent her a Tweet telling her that I could not have said it better myself.

Lunares wall sign 1

Lunares is what I like to call a ‘mom & pop’ shop. It is run by two sisters, Amaya & Virginia Fernandez (both chefs) with the help of Amaya’s husband, Lucho, and their son Alvaro, who handle the front of the house. The exterior is painted in a happy splash of yellow and red, livening up this nook of Galway. They have been open for over a year now and seem to be trucking along just nicely. Open daily from noon (or 1pm) onwards they have quite a decent range of menu items to choose from. With all we have eaten at Lunares I cannot imagine that anyone is complaining about their food, or their service, or their prices. There have only been a few reviews on Trip Advisor and so far – all looking good methinks.

Virginia and LuchoLucho and his sister-in-law Virginia taking a quick break

As much as the Chef & I enjoy dining alone when we get the chance, we very rarely actually eat a meal without our kids in tow. This restaurant is unique in the sense that it is a great date night place or equally suitable to bring the whole family. And so we did.

Ron & AmayaThe Chef making small talk with Amaya Fernandez regarding a few of the menu items we tasted today.

Here are a few photos from our last few visits. If you are not already hungry for your next meal then you will be when you get through looking at these.

Lunares house potatoes

One of their house specialities … Patatas Lunares …. lightly fried potatoes with serrano ham, topped with a perfectly poached egg. Note there are two eggs on this plate above because the Chef reckons they do the ‘best eggs’ in town.

Lunares soup

This is one of my favourites … Sopa Castellana … think egg drop soup with a chicken and tomato broth. I could dive in right now for another bowl for my supper and be very content for the evening. Note there are four small spoons sharing this massive bowl. No one complained about sharing and they are looking forward to their next Tapas adventure already.

Lunares croquettes

There may have been a few other little snacks for the kids …. like ham and cod croquettes. I have it on good authority that these were cooked perfectly but no-one offered to ‘share’ a bite of these nibblers.

Lunares Spicy prawns 

Prawns in a spicy tomato sauce … there is a secret ingredient in this one; you MUST try it.

Lunares Guitar

A bit of whimsy on the wall …

Lunares dining room

Window seats and soft cushions inviting us to linger longer at the table ….

Lunares whimsy chicken

A bit of kitsch to remind us not to take everything so seriously and just kick back and have a bit of fun ..

Lunares Wine bottle cozies

A reminder that it is two women running the kitchen … love this one.

but my personal favourite bit of décor from Lunares Spanish Restaurant and Tapas Bar is this ….there is love in their kitchen … and it is certainly evident in their food.

Lunares Wall sign Food Heart

Oh …. and the fact that lunch for seven starving people cost €53.00 … that was with two glasses of wine … hic!

Go to Lunares. Mark it on your calendar … make an evening out of it. I hear they have traditional Spanish music at the weekends too.

Those are all the WiseWords I have for today,


The blogging authorities have stated, and rightly so, that bloggers must declare if they were, in any way, compensated for reviewing restaurants, products, books etc. In this particular instance, like 99% of my reviews, this was paid for in its entirety by us here at WiseWords; and worth every penny. If you have a restaurant or café or food product you would like us to review then please send us a link via email to MonaZWise@GMail.com or just share the link in the comments section down below. 

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  • Oh I wish there was somewhere like that close to us. E is just rediscovering flavour and getting out of a picky stage. Tapas sounds perfect.
    And I know what you mean about blogging. 😉

    • Hi there Caitríona,
      Yes… These tapas are fab for the kiddies especially a they are all five or six euros!
      And yes…onwards and upwards with the blogging :0)

  • I must pass this restaurant three or four times a day and I have never been in there. I will admit that I can be unadventurous sometimes when it comes to eating out but between the review in the Advertiser and now your new post, we will definitely be taking a visit here in the next few months!

    Thanks for highlighting these and other restaurants about, Mona. It makes for very interesting reading and also helps me find new places to eat out!

    Happy New Year to all in the Wise household!

    • Caroline,
      Believe it or not, it takes us ages to actually try new places
      and even longer to actually write up a worthwhile blogpost.
      This place is worth all the hulla-balloo…..
      And you are quite welcome. We do enjoy reviewing restaurants and cafés and are
      always delighted when we find ones worthy of sharing! So yes, go there and enjoy!

  • You will always be the big fish in our pond, lady. Great post, great place and we maybe should have not been so generous with the information. What if they won’t find space for us and the horrible children next time? We will just have to ditch them and sneak in together.

    • I know…. I knew when I saw your piece in the Advertiser yesterday that is exactly what I thought…
      It will be hard to get a nice window seat from now on…
      And I am not so keen on being the big fish…happy to just be swimming with the tide is all.
      We are going to meet Jess for the cider some afternoon in February … When I am in need of a mental
      break from college!

  • I was going to say this sounds like MY kind of place …but actually it sounds like MOST peoples kind of place . I wish I lived nearer to Galway !! but it does sound like the kind of place that would make the journey worth while. SO a visit to galway is definitly on the cards.

    I enjoy all your scribblings 😉 keep up the good work and I hope 2013 will be a happy ,healthy and satisfying year for you and yours.

    • Hi Sarah,
      Thanks so much for this lovely comment.
      I think that is one of the things I love about Lunares the most – it does appeal to everyone.
      The journey would be well worth it and lord knows there are a few other fabulous eateries in Galway to keep you busy.
      Best wishes to you and yours for 2013 too.

  • Sounds delicious definitely one for the list next time I head over to Galway. I’m hungry just looking at the photos!

    • Hi Kat,
      I am telling you – it is delicious and most certainly should be on your list for your next Galway visit.
      Galway is booming right now with all the fabulous eateries we have to offer!
      Thanks for stopping by for a read xx

  • yum yum freakin yum !!!! It’s on the hit-list !!! I am going to be at home on a flying visit real soon. Excited Squeal !!! Our favourite family haunt was always’s Fat Freddies….it was always the boys first choice and the first place they were ever offered the oppertunity to scribble on the tablecloth. I can still remember their faces!

    • Brenda,
      I do hope we will have time for tea … or a bowl of soup at Lunares!
      Fat Freddies is still there and it is great for taking the kids for a pizza and ‘night off’.
      Hope your travel plans are shaping up nicely xx

  • I never spotted those charming little aprons last time I was in there, or I’d have shown my appreciation of such charming whimsy by ordering double portions of arroz con leche. Definitely a delightful place.

    • I cannot believe you missed the little aprons Mise! Perhaps they were a Christmas present for the ladies of the house.
      I have not tried their arroz con leche but my little guy did have it (twice) and wants his father to make it
      exactly the same … there’s an endorsement. Happy New Year to you and your family Mise.
      I hope you have had a lovely Christmas and are bracing yourself for the scorcher of a summer we are promised.

  • haha!
    I have visions of two galway bloggers arguing over who is going to write the review, just like Mrs Doyle and her pal in Fr Ted arguing over who would pay the bill for their afternoon tea!!!

    Once again Mona, great photos. Looks delicious. Yum.

    • Hi Ellie!
      No…nothing like that at all…AnneMarie totally gets first dibs on all restaurant reviewing.
      I love it when she sends me a text letting me know she has found and favourite a new place!
      Hope you get to try Lunares…it is fabulous xx

  • My elder brother is living in Ireland and I had a dinner at Lunares Spanish Restaurant when I went to see him. That was a good experience. They have very delicious foods. Prawns in a spicy tomato sauce are awesome.

    • Hi Ken,
      Thanks for the comment. Lunares is a fab restaurant and we are lucky to have it in Galway!

  • Oh! You saved me! I’m planning a trip to Galway and of course, I look for good food before I even book my hotels of flights. It’s all about priorities. 🙂 Thank you!

    • Hi Megan,
      We always scout the food before we book the flights too and Galway is well worth visiting for the food!
      Thanks for stopping by to say hello.

  • Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Irish Food.

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