Feb 11 2013

Galway Pottery Classes

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Get a little dirty … and throw a little clay.

Make for a fun filled afternoon … right here, near Galway Bay.

This is not to be missed if you (a) live in Galway or (b) are planning a visit to Galway.

Tight spaces are not my thing. Tight spaces in rooms with no windows are definitely not my thing.

This has got to be one of the smallest spaces in Galway and, in our opinion, one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the City of the Tribes and what our beautiful city has to offer.


Kevin:          086 1620755
Laurence:    086 1020308

Email: kevinokellyceramics@gmail.com




Laurence O’Kelly has taught pottery here in Galway for over 35 years and now, with the help of his talented son Kevin, they are launching a few more classes. We feel that this is one of the best ways to spend your hard earned cash, be it for you, or for the kids – or – something to do with the kids.




Here is a wee blurb from their website …

Laurence O’ Kelly

Laurence graduated from Belfast College of Art and Design after studying Sculpture. He then went on to set up a workshop in Galway where he has been teaching classes to both adults and children for the last 35 years.

Kevin O’ Kelly

Kevin has just completed the Craft Council of Irelands Ceramic Skills and Design Course. A two-year full time intensive course where he achieved a merit and was shortlisted for a Future Makers Award.Kevin has grown up around pottery, attending and then eventually teaching classes.
Lined up on the shelves o’er head you will see plenty of hidden gems. Some are there as part of the decor and many are for sale. Why not spend an hour or two learning how to throw clay … then make a special wedding present for a young couple this year, or a first cup for a new baby, or a birthday present for a loving partner or a teapot for your Mum.



Get a little dirty ….



Don’t worry about making everything so perfect in life …. it is in the whimsy and the flaws that we find all the fun.




But definitely get stuck in  … and enjoy working with your hands. Enjoy creating something beautiful. Then pop in next door for a cocktail or around the corner for a pint when you are finished.




At €15 (kids) for 1 1/2 hours, or €18 (adults) for 2 hours, you will surprise yourself at what you might accomplish.




New class for kids at 11:30am on Saturday mornings.

Totally mucky, totally worth it.

Sign up. Go play with the clay.


Those are all the WiseWords I have for today.



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  • I love pottery! I love Laurence O’Kelly’s sign above his door and his red door. He and his son are wonderful and whimsical potters.

    • Ron is the potter in our family and he loves it too.
      My nickname for Laurence is ‘Laurence the lady-killer’ …
      He is a right charmer and we have so much fun with him.
      He and his son have the worlds tiniest pottery studio here Paula…it is just perfect
      for an escape … And great fun with the kids or with friends…..or alone.
      Was thinking about you last night as I decorated Valentines cookies! They look like a disaster …
      But my classes are almost finished at college so I will have more time to practice xx

  • Have been threatening to do this for years, one of those I’ve always wanted to do activities . I will definitely take this as a sign to just go and do it ! Thanks :)

    • Go for it. I have to say, not being a fan of making a huge mess. I was surprised at how much I loved the
      feel of the clay. It is soothing and so silky soft. Thanks for the visit!

  • Can you tell me where the pottery classes are in the city?

    • Hi Paula,
      They are in the studio right beside the House Hotela few doors down to the Left of the main entrance of
      the hotel. Enjoy the clay!

  • I adore pottery classes, used to do one for 3 hours every Thursday until sadly the teacher died. It is so therapeutic, you really do get lost in the clay.

    Btw I was hopeless but still loved it

    • Siobhán …. I kind of suck at it myself!
      But I love that feeling of ‘lost in the clay’ actually.
      It is strangely therapeutic. I spend so much time trying to keep the kids and house clean and
      this is one of the muckiest things … and I love it.

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