Jan 29 2014

Cook Book Club at Kai Cafe Galway

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Call us nerds if you will, but spending the evening curled up with a book by the fire is not a bad way to unwind after a crazy day at work or school.

A lot of times, the books we reach for … are cook books. Some tell more than a story of food and many are love stories – be it a love for food or family. They all have the power to whisk us away to another place, albeit it temporarily, allowing us to take a mental break from our daily dose of stress and worry.

Last night, we had supper at Kai Cafe in Galway. Four or five times per year, Jess Murphy, who in our humble opinion, is Irelands most innovative female Chef, takes recipes from her favourite cook books, and creates an evening of excellence in food exploration for her customers.


She challenges herself and her crew to stay true to the recipes in the book, pushing her right out of her comfort zone and hoping to heck that her cult-like followers, who dine frequently at Kai, will appreciate her efforts.

Last night, Jess cooked several recipes from Roberta’s pizzeria in Brooklyn, NYC. Their book is filled with quirky recipes ranging from the three-cheese-but-mostly-Talleggio cheesy pizza to Tripe stew and Parsley cake for sweet treats.

I am not sure how Jess made this menu work – but she and her team pulled it off deliciously.

The cost, to attend is €35 per person and possibly one of the best ways to take the plunge and try a few new dishes. Everything is served on large platters and shared at communal tables, so you can take as little or as much as you like of each taster plate. This works well because sometimes these multi-course suppers offer lots to choose from. This way you remain in control of how much you want to scarf. . . most likely all of it.

Jamie Food Blogger

Next month, Jess is featuring our book, The Chef and I, at her Cook Book Club.

This is bound to get interesting because Ron, ‘aka the Chef’ is a total bad ass control freak .. so he is going to be all up in her business that day making sure that everything is just right … ha ha .. not really.

He does plan on lending a hand that afternoon to help do the dishes etc. but Ron trusts Jess – she knows his style and we are certain she and her crew at Kai will do a stellar job recreating his recipes.

A few weeks ago, Jess and her husband David, who runs Kai cafe with her, came over for supper and we perused the pages of our book to see which items we might share with Jess customers. Many of whom we know, because Galway is a small city, but also many who have never heard of us or tried Ron’s food.

The menu might look something a little like the items listed down below but it is still not set in stone …. and for our American friends and family, sorry to drag you through a Rondo’s revival … but these recipes are still ‘da bomb’ and Ron is so excited to be able to share them with our friends and family in Galway.

Mussels Diavolo

Mussels Diavolo -


Mussels words

Eggplant Napoleon

Eggplant Nap image

Eggplant words

Trout Dijon

Trout dijon image


Trout Dijon words



BBQ Ribs served with Coleslaw and Chorizo Mac n’ Cheese

BBA Ribs image


BBq Ribs words


Bread Pudding

Bread Pudding image


Bread Pudding words

Wise Irish Coffee

Irish Coffee Image


Irish coffee words


If you would like to attend … please phone them at   353 (0)91 526003  or drop them an email at  kaicaferestaurant@gmail.com to reserve your table.

Ron and I look forward to seeing you there!



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  • Oh, this will be really fun and super delicious (you know I am eying up the ribs and mac n cheese! Gosh, I’d really like to come, will def see if it’s a possibility!!!! Fantastic! xx

    • Ha ha – yes Imen – the classics are calling and Ron is so excited too. Let me know if you can swing it. xx

  • Oh wow chorizo mac & cheese sounds divine. Too far away for me but what a wonderful way to celebrate your book together Móna. I hope it goes well for you. x

    • Thanks Caitriona… we are really looking forward to the evening.
      It is always nice to showcase tried and tested recipes xx

  • Oh I’m so sorry I’ll be away! Have really enjoyed cookbook nights in the past – this one looks great! Sx

    • Ah … sorry you will miss this but Iam sure we will do it again soon Sile OR
      you could always just come out to the house for Ribs when you get home.
      I hope you are loving Berlin xx

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