Mar 11 2014

Morton’s of Galway

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Morton’s of Galway

Purveyors of cheese, fresh fish, bespoke butchering and beautiful breads all washed down with a wonderful selection of wines.

Salthill (beside the Warwick Hotel), Galway

(091) 522-237


Odd, considering my husband has been baking his little heart out here for four years already, that I have not blogged about it before.

A small little shop on the edge of Salthill and only a stones thrown from the beach, you will be surprised to find so much crammed into this little shop.


Maybe I was just waiting for him to settle in? To make sure that he liked it enough to stay there?

When we moved back home to Galway in 2008, it took him a long time to settle.

The first place he worked at was too big, the second place treated their employees like dirt, and now – just like Goldilocks – this little gem of a shop seems to be just the right fit for himself.


It’s the cake job really – as he only works Monday through Friday from 8am – 2pm and has weekends and bank holidays off.

His baking day starts the night before … at 7:30pm he starts a mix called ‘Poolish’ which is used for his daily white breads which consist of Ciabatta, Foccaccia and Pizza.

He also keeps his sourdough fed here at home and another tub of it at work and makes several loafs of beautiful Sourdough each day – selling an 800g loaf for €2.00.

The prices on the other breads range from €1.50 – €3 per loaf.


Aside from all the bread, they also make a delicious selection of ‘foods-to-go’ each day and this is where the shop becomes a one-stop-shop kinda place.

Traditional dishes like Fish Pie, or Shepherds Pie and a couple of Pasta dishes line the shelves, and occassionally Paella is thrown in to the mix –   keeping it affordable at €5.99.


It is the kind of shop you almost have to go out of your way to pay a visit too – due to the location and it not being city-centre – and I just wanted to let you know that it is certainly worth your while.

Eric Morton, the owner, has excellent taste and passion for wines. You can see this with the selection he has on offer. The wines are priced well and there are always a few gems in the bargain bin.


He’s a dab hand at selecting cheese too – so if you are trying to put a birthday basket together for someone, or even a small hamper for your Mum on Mothers day (March 30th in Ireland) then seek him out for a bit of advice. He is only too happy to help and they make gorgeous gift baskets. Hint hint honey …


Over at the deli counter the Morton’s crew are ready and willing to take your loaf of bread and turn it into a nice big fat sandwich. They have a fine selection of cured meats, cheeses and roasted veggies for you to choose from.                 If the sun sticks around, I reckon this is the best place to grab a to-go lunch and hit the prom for a lovely walk filling your lungs with the sea air.

Morton’s is less than a fifteen minute (with long legs) walk from  Galway city centre and if you have never popped in for a visit, now is a great time because the bread is just popping out of the oven!


He also does speciality birthday cakes etc. so ask for Ron when you stop in – he loves to talk bread with anyone.

That’s all for today folks …

I just submitted my first ever effort at a radio documentary – it turned out alright. Have a listen if you have 30 minutes to kill on your daily commute.

We are finally starting to see a little sun here in the West and with only a few more weeks of class left to finish up my MA in Journalism … I have spring fever . .

Watch out world .. hibernation has ended!


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  • Great shop, great baker, great post – and that bread looks amazing! Btw was I right in hearing that you can buy some of Ron’s sourdough starter in Mortons? If so I will definitely be in to get my hands on some of that!

    • Yes Evan…you can get a bit of the fresh Sourdough starter and he is also selling fresh yeast there :0) Happy baking!

  • I’m very envious of two of my sisters who are going to visit England and Ireland in October. They will be visiting Galway!!! and I’m going to send them both this post. They have seen your book and read through it whenever they visit me, one even took it home for a bit. I’m hoping that they have time to *go out of their way* a little during their time in Galway. I’d love for them to visit Morton’s and say *Hi* to The Chef and give him a hug from me to pass on to you 🙂

    • Paula!!!
      We most certainly will have to meet them and I will be loking forward to that hug!
      Please give them my email address so we can chat prior to their arrival and I look forward to meeting them.
      How I also wish you were coming with them … xxx

  • Ron kindly gave me some sourdough starter last Friday, I made two loaves and pancakes, delicious! My sister who lived in Savannah, Georgia said it brought her back! Many Thanks to Ron

    • Brilliant – he is making some lovely bread these days – Hope the sourdough is working out ok for you!

  • Hi,

    I don’t know how I’ve missed this place. I’ll be there to sample treats.

    Is it still possible to grab a pinch of starter?

    • Paddy .. of course .. just ask for Ron when you go in. Tell him you read the blog and want a bit of starter.
      He is generous and gives instructions to keep it alive.

      He is there Mon – Fri from 6:30am – 1pm ish.

      Mona x

  • Is it possible to source fresh yeast in Mormons July 2017 I shop there regularly

    • Sure you can ask for some fresh yeast, but you can also buy fresh yeast in most of the Polish shops in Galway!

  • Was searching for sourdough starter and buttermilk culture in Ireland and found your blog – really enjoying it. Would love to find out more about your buttermilk plant – do you have to feed it everyday or is it a once a week job? Any information you can give me would be much appreciated. 😀

    • Hi Una

      Thanks a million .. I am awful lazy with the blogging these days!

      You can feed it once or twice a week – or more frequently if you use it daily for Scones and Brown bread etc.

      Just wash it out well every couple of weeks to make sure it does not get too stinky.

      This website is great for making your own Buttermilk Plant:

      Happy Baking!

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