May 23 2014

Dare to dream

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A couple of things popped up on my radar this week worth sharing.

The first was the details of an informal chat I had with someone at our local (Galway) enterprise office. They are tossing about the idea of building a shared kitchen facility for small producers. So I have a couple of questions for you and hope you will take a minute or two to respond as this feedback can really help drive this project.

You can copy/paste these questions and leave your answers in the comment section below or you can email the answers to me directly at

1. Would you be interested in having access to a HSE approved, energy efficient, commercial kitchen on an hourly basis?

2. How much would you be willing to pay, per hour, for the use of such a facility (all inclusive electric, gas, etc.)

3.  How many hours per week would you need to use a facility like this in order to get your product prepped, cooked, packaged?

If you are a small producer and need a space like this (or if you know anyone that is in this boat) please take a minute to answer these three questions and I’ll add you to the list of those interested in this exciting idea. I know we would love to have access to a commerical kitchen from time to time and it can be the way to get a product idea out of the concept phase and into the production phase. So ..what are you waiting for?

And on that note…..and this pertains to Irish readers only … did you see the latest Food lovers competition launched on RTÉ?


 Wowza….this one, seems to be open to just about anyone, novices to professional chefs alike, and it is one of those opportunities, if in the food biz, you’d have a hard time letting it slip by without due consideration.

Even if you are not working in the industry, but might have a knack with recipe and a desire to develop a product…this is your chance to take that dream of seeing your product on the shelves of your local supermarket!

Ideas are smoking hot here at Chez Wise …. and, as long as we are eligible, I’m pretty sure we will be throwing our names in the hat with a tasty and tempting treat produced right here in Galway with mostly all Irish ingredients.


You can download the application form right here!

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  • 1. Yes
    2. I’m not sure as I’m new to this business model idea. I’d have to work it out.
    3. The hours would vary but possibly 10 – 15

    • Thanks a million Kathy…
      Do you think €20 per hour is too much, or ok? Just trying to get a feel for a realistic hourly fee.

      • Right now I can only say yes because I have no idea. I think the idea of this kind of kitchen is really important to Galway. It would allow a lot of smaller businesses to find their legs.

        • Thanks for the feedback Kathleen.
          Much appreciated.

  • Yes
    15 E

    • Hi Sheena!
      Thanks for your feedback. Stay tuned!

  • My only experience is of going to Fitzers when they had the shop in Camden Street (oooh, circa 1783!) and asking if they would be interested in stocking homebaked brown bread. Yes, they said, except we can’t unless it’s been made in a properly approved kitchen.
    So, I think that kitchen would be ideal for someone who wants to supply their local shop with a product for which they have a ready market and can therefore cost efficiently. As they would be doing their own packaging and delivery it might really be something they could afford to do. And have the safety net of not having had to invest in a proper kitchen area at home.
    €20 an hour seems a lot as it depends on what you are making – baking times are often more than an hour. I guess you’d have to budget in the electricity etc….

    • You are right Karen..baking and cooking times can vary and be long!
      See you tomorrow ;0)

  • Would like to b part of this im a chef but now work from home.trying to be self sufficient

    • I think you missed it for this year Rose – but for sure try next year –

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