Apr 26 2016

Larder 360: The best food in the West delivered to you!

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Larder 360

Galway produces some real gems from time to time, and this new one I am going to share with you today, Larder 360, is one of them.

There are constant rumours and murmurings of the recession being over and although we have yet to fully experience this in the west of Ireland, I think it is safe to say, things can only get better! Larder 360 is a new concept, and while we have seen many businesses launch (and fail) over the last few years, one of the nice things about this new venture, is that we can see some of our favourite ones survive, and now thrive.

Larder 360 is the brainchild of a few local farmers here in the west. The lads from Castlemine farms,  who have been in bed with The Friendly Farmer for years sharing a produce stand at the local markets, decided it was time to expand their offerings. But, as we all know, small producers are often met with harsh realities like the expense of having a distribution centre (heavy with refrigeration) and finding a reliable, economical and affordable delivery/courier service.

Out of all these dilemmas, a delicious idea, Larder 360, was born and a few more local producers were added to their offerings. Some of them you already know, and a few more of them you should get to know! (That Blakes Organic Chocolate is killer!)

Larder 360

So what exactly is Larder 360? It is an online shop offering you quality foods, convenience of sourcing, buying, delivery and affordability, all bundled up into one cooler delivered to your front door at home (or at the office!). Right now, the deliveries are restricted to County Galway, but as they grow, they will expand, county by county.

With their local distribution centre housed in Oranmore (091-79 2899), the lads are already busy filling coolers with orders placed online. All coolers are filled by Thursday evening each week and deliveries made on Fridays.

Last week, our delivery consisted of a little meat and fish. The order tallied up to just over €100 and this is what we got for it.

Larder 360


  • Pork Belly

  • Salmon (fresh)

  • Salmon (Smoked)

  • Burgers

  • Sausage/Streaky bacon (rashers)

  • Whole Chicken

  • Beef shin on the bone

  • Rack of Lamb

  • 2 bars of Blakes Organic Chocolate

When I asked himself what he thought, specifically if he felt this was ‘worth €100’ he said:

“Oh god yes…especially considering the quality of the food you are getting – I reckon we will get 7 or 8 meals out of this plus leftovers”.

That was good enough for me.

Larder 360


For now, as they are just officially rolling out this new venture, their offerings are still limited. In the future I would hope to see a few more items added to the list, and I think it will encourage more people to try it out. (Like a Ribeye steak on the bone lads??).

I am also hoping they might consider offering fresh bread, local beers, local cheeses, and a few bottles of wine that would go perfectly well with that steak I requested.

When I asked a few of my food-lovin friends about this, and whether or not they might use this service, I got mostly positive responses.

Emily, Headford:

What a cool site!! I really like it.. firstly for the range of local produce available. . I like the idea of being able to place my meat and fish order etc for the week and I would totally use it for this. I also like their fixed delivery charge of €5 which seems really reasonable considering we live in the sticks!! Layout of the site is snappy and easy to navigate and just had a really nice local/artisan feel to it. I’d definitely place an order and see how I get on.

Caroline, Galway city

That’s a very nice website. I’ll admit my first reaction to some pricing was that it seemed steep and then I realised I was comparing it to some supermarkets, and that this was actual fresh produce so it’s not that dear when you consider that. I thought the chocolate especially was very reasonably priced. Not that I’m a super chocoholic but that’d be the kind of chocolate I’d use in baking so good price there.

I’m not sure that I’d use it on a regular weekly or fortnightly basis but definitely one I’d consider for special occasion dinners or as a treat. It is great to be able to find local produce under the one umbrella. I will never be a vegetarian so knowing where to get some fresh local meat will always be welcome, because you want to support local farms but a person might not know where to look.

Valerie, Galway

Just had a glance, yes I’d use Larder 360. Like the suppliers! eg, What’s For Pudding (save me hacking into town to buy ’em, had one for dessert this evening with the family!). I like idea of an artisan butcher too, and being able to buy “unusual cuts”. Could see myself using this once a month maybe #PaydayTreat

So what do you think? Is this something you might consider using? Have you already put them to the test and are you enjoying the food? (I know we are!). Let me know …

If you want to find out more, you can follow Larder 360 over on Facebook or Twitter or just click directly on to their website.

Now … and because the lads at Larder 360 are just so nice, we have a €50 euro gift voucher to give one of our lucky readers … all you have to do is answer the following question and a winner will be picked at random on Sunday May 1st 2016.

What is the name of the culinary award/designation Galway has recently won (for 2018)?

Answer in the comment section below and in order to be eligible to win, make sure you are a regular reader of WiseWords –  sign up here and you must live in (or request the delivery of food to be in) County Galway. (So, if you are reading this and live abroad, but your family lives in Galway, it would make a lovely gift – wouldn’t it?).

Thanks for reading … sorry it’s been a while since my last ditty .. I am kept busy at work and writing away and have feck all time for my own musings these days … such is life .. we must work, to earn money to pay bills, if we want to play!

That’s all for now!

WiseMóna xx


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12 Comments + Add Comment

  • The answer is (I think) The European Region of Gastronomy!

    Reading your blog from abroad makes me miss the food back home so much!

    • Hi Emmet!
      We miss you and can’t wait to see you and Jamie when you get back!

      Thanks for the comment and best of luck!

  • Entry: Galway won the European Region of Gastronomy designation for 2018 on St. Patrick’s Day in The Netherlands
    Also signed up for wise words.

    Love the Larder360 concept

    • Hi Lisa Marie,

      You are correct! Best of luck in the draw!


  • The European Region of Gastronomy.

    Its a good idea.. Hopefully more producers come onboard.

    • Hi Michael,

      I agree … I see no downside for producers at all … and as long as the high quality is maintained and the prices are
      affordable … its a winner in my book!

      Best of luck!

  • European Region of Gastronomy

    This looks delish! Good Quality produce

    • Hi Claire!

      Tis fab alright .. no doubt you would enjoy every bite!
      Good luck!

  • Hi Mona
    The answer is The European Region of Gastronomy…and i’m so pleased for the committee that worked so hard for this. So much great things happening in Galway.

    Larder 360 a great idea and we will certainly be looking into it but have to see if they deliver out as far as Spiddal. Wonder do they stock Sheridan’s Cheeses or wines? Great idea.
    Thank you,

    • Hi Mary,

      I am sure they do deliver to Spiddal – as they said the entire County Galway!
      It would be lovely to have some of the Wine and Cheese in those coolers from Sheridans – excellent idea!
      Best of luck and thanks for commenting!


  • Just wondering was the winner announced?

    • Hi Michael – the winner was Claire Molloy.

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