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Tomodachi Sushi Galway (review)

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Tomodachi Sushi in Galway …….Ah Galway. Look at yourself. All grown up and having a real Sushi bar dead set in the middle of our little city by the sea. Situated on the 2nd floor above Maxwells Bistro and directly across from Brown Thomas, Tomodachi Sushi Bar is in the high rent district;Slap bang in the middle of Galway.


Tomodachi Sushi Bar

Colonial Building

2 Eglington Street


(091) 564 939


Knowing this is important because (sadly) the menu prices reflect that high rent. This should should not put you off reading the rest of this blog post, nor for trying Tomodachi Sushi for yourself.

Galway Sushi

The nitty gritty

Open daily, from high noon until 9:30pm, Tomodachi Sushi Bar is a welcome addition to the Asian restaurant scene in Galway. Currently, the best place to get Sushi is still Kappa Ya (Sushi on Saturdays only) and Wa Cafe open daily and still the best in the city because they only serve the freshest local fish. This is important to me. If it is not important to you then you might have another favourite Sushi restaurant to tell us about?

We have eaten there only twice, and truth be told, unless you’re buying, I do not think we will be back.

The first time, it was with a gang of friends and we really had great craic. We were celebrating a friends return from 10 yrs in Australia, and they had a hankering for Sushi, so we braved the ‘new restaurant’ fear and dove in.

Tomodachi Sushi Galway

The staff could not have been nicer, we were seated in a sorta private nook and the beer and wine kept flowing all evening. The menu is all Sushi and Sashimi options. I’d like to say try them all – but the reality is, it is just too damn expensive to do that. The restaurant, beautifully laid out with plenty of space between each table, is a great place to go if you are (a) in a hurry and just want to grab a bite from the Sushi on the conveyor belt. Or (b) want to impress someone (maybe a first date or your boss) and show off your chopstick skills and love of raw fish.

The conveyor belt is located over nearest the open-faced kitchen where the Sushi Chefs are making sushi at an unhurried pace.

Tomodachi Sushi Bar

There was a ‘Don’ on offer the evening we ate there and it was disappointing … but that is because our standards are high – what with Kappa Ya having the best damn Don in the world be it Mackerel or anything else they choose to make a Don with.

Tomodachi Sushi Bar

Once the Sushi plates start flowing, there is decent assortment of ordinary plates on offer like Salmon or Prawn Nigiri, followed by California rolls, and Tuna Rolls.

Tomodachi Sushi Bar

If you have never eaten at a Sushi Bar with a conveyor belt, this is the way it works. You see something zipping around that looks appealing to you – and you grab it. Plates have a different colour and this is colour/price coded.

So the lighter colours start at €3 and goes all the way up to €6. I’d imagine you could not get out of there without spending €20 per person for lunch, if you included a Green Tea or another beverage.

I recently made the brave (and stupid) mistake of taking my Tween and Teen there for lunch. We arrived ten minutes before they opened, and they still seated us – which was nice. But a note to those of you who are shtarving when it comes to lunchtime every day. Wait until 1pm to eat at Tomodachi Sushi Bar as the Sushi Chefs haven’t started making anything so the conveyor belt looks pretty sad for the first 45 minutes.

The kids, god bless their little cotton socks, have us robbed when it comes to eating out. For years now (as they are almost 12 and 13.5 yrs old) himself and myself have been filling their bellies with every taste known to man since they were babies.

We have opened their eyes to foods from every culture and even managed to get them to eat snake .. ok, they did not know they were eating snake .. but they still ate it!

Tomodachi Sushi Bar

The price

Now – this grandiose experiment of ours has come back to literally bite us in the ass – right where himself keeps his wallet.

On this particular day, they were of course shtarving … and lets just say I have yet to tell my husband how much the lunch cost us.

€76 for three people on a cold and dreary weekday in the middle of winter. That is €76 SEVENTY SIX euros. That was with 3 tap waters and one Green tea lads.

I have hidden the receipt but will look at it occasionally to remind myself that I must never ever take kids to an expensive restaurant again.

Tomodachi Sushi

Kids – one on an ‘outpatients’ Hospital visit and the other dying with the flu ..

The moral of the story is …

Bellies full, huge smiles and their secret to make sure Daddy never finds out how much that lunch costs …

Priceless lads.

So here’s the thing. You get the picture, its a nice place. The staff are incredibly nice and knowledgeable about Sushi and able to help ‘newbies’ with all the questions they might have.

But – and this is a big BUT – there is not a shred of ‘local’ about this place. You could be in Cork or Dublin (esp with those prices!) and not have a clue where the Fish is all coming from and when we asked our waitress (both times) she said she would ask but never came back with the answer … kinda like the Edamame we ordered that never came. I was delighted about that in the end because the bill would have exceeded €80 .. .sweet Jesus .. if this is the start of Celtic Tiger – Take Two .. then I am going to cry.

Places like Kai and Papa Rich will always be our ‘best of the best’ Galway has to offer because of the consistency of food offered, the quality and freshness of their fare, the local and seasonal menus .. and of course – the price.

Ok .. the city is buzzing with a ton of new restaurants and it is high time I got back to blogging about them all. Some will be good, some will be middle of the road and some will be just downright disastrous.

But I will make sure they are all worth a quick read on a weekend morning for y’all.

Anything to distract myself from the shock and horror of what is going on in the US right now!

Thats all for now folks.


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  • I was going to try this place out with my daughter, might just wait until they get a price reality check esp for lunch trade. Thanks Mina xx

    • I am still suffering from shock .. and this was just the Sushi .. no Miso Soup n’ Edamame ..
      A novelty for now .. and yes, the prices might come down?

  • Really appreciate an honest review. I have no kids but still couldn’t justify those prices for a quick lunch – sushi is not my thing for dinner.
    Thanks Mona, still sounds like a fab place but if I am going to spend the bucks I go back to my tried and tested places around the city & county.

    • I hear you Cait … I really LOVE the tried and tested places and I think I get a little annoyed when we try new places – trying to support new business .. and I end up feeling a little gouged and guilty for not having spent my money at one of my favs.

      But we must keep on keeping on!

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