Aug 30 2017

Have you tried a Sound Bath yet?

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I know .. I know … what the heck is a Sound Bath, right?

Sound Bath

I have not blogged in eons .. I know, and now, when I do decide to pop in to say hello, it is to talk about something non-food related. However, on the scale of pleasure, which food certainly gives us, this little ditty regarding the Sound Bath I experienced recently, it is right up there and totally worth a few minutes of your pleasure time.

A few days ago, a friend of mine asked me to participate in something called a Sound Bath. This was not the first time she had mentioned the Sound Bath, and I’m going to be perfectly honest with you … it all sounded a little hokey to me. You know I’m a logical and practical kinda gal; It’s himself that is a bit more hippy-like. He had tried to go to one of these Sound Baths a few weeks ago, and wouldn’t you know they were sold out. Turned away at the door .. that’s what you get for not booking online! (The next one in Galway is Sunday Sept 10th, 2017 at 7pm).

So what is a Sound Bath? It’s pretty cool to be honest. First, let’s ask yourself this important question:     What do you know about Theta Waves?

Admittedly this is where it gets a bit hokey, so stay with me… alright?

Theta is one of the more elusive and amazing brain states we can explore. It might also be referred to as the twilight state which many people only experience fleetingly upon waking, or drifting off to sleep. It’s like the brain state where all the magic happens. However, for most of us humble beings, being able to enter the dreamlike Theta state without falling asleep takes A LOT of meditation practice; Or a lot of Gin, right?

Sound Bath

It costs €15 for and hour and fifteen minutes to lie on the floor, (Yoga mats provided) with your own blanket and pillow, while the Sound Practitioners work their magic. It starts off with a quiet explanation from Lukas, who prepares the (very crowded) room full of cosy clients for what they are about to experience.

A rolling around of the sound bowls is how we embarked on our Sound Bath experience. Because we were laying on the floor,  you don’t just hear the sounds, you feel the vibrations too. SO, while laying there with my eyes closed, I was startled to feel my eyes dance back and forth in my head.

The skeptics in the crowd, I was the only one, started to make lists of shit I had not done today .. and seeing that the class is run at 7pm on a Sunday evening, you can bet your bottom dollar that that list was long and annoying. But wouldn’t you know, I kept being interrupted and drawn back into the unguided meditation. I had heard, that aside from the initial explanation from Lukas at the beginning, there was no talking for the duration of the session, only the sound waves to guide us. I think the lesson I learned was I thought I needed someone to guide me into the Theta state of relaxation .. but as luck would have it, relaxation claimed me hard and fast.

The next thing I knew, while still in a semi-state-of-slumber, I was smiling like a Cheshire Cat as a sound cloud of magical musical chimes pillowed around my hazy head. At the time, I thought I was kinda in a dream .. or at least half asleep, but as soon as the chimes drifted away from my ears, I perked up and had a peek at what was going on.

Sound Bath

Although the room was lit by mostly candlelight, I could see the other half of the sound duo, Kasia, tip toeing around the room holding chimes that made this kinda noise; It made me very happy.

The only bad part of the evening was that it was over too damn fast.

I felt amazing afterwards, and nothing or no-one could ruffle my feathers.

It’s rare that I would go out of my way to recommend experiences like this, because I am not sure if you have to be a certain personality type to get on board. I know for me, a practical and pragmatic Pisces, it was a hard sell, but one I am sure glad I bought in to.

I LOVE the Yoga, Pilates and Nirvana Fitness classes (and their masseuse is pretty kick ass too!) at at Mindful Movements in Liosban, and that is also where I had this amazing Sound Bath experience. I always find the last 5 minute relaxation after each class like a little gift; Time to just focus on me and forget about the crappy day I have had or get excited about what tomorrow might bring.

Sound Bath

If you want to learn more about it then you can visit Sound Magic Ireland website and read all about it.

So, have you ever tried this? Do you think it is a load of malarkey?

That’s all folks …


Oh – PS .. this is not an advertisement for anyone or anything .. this is just me popping in to say hi and tell you about something cool in Galway x


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  • WOW! Your experience sounds amazing. I really want to try this. Heard of it before but never got the chance to actually do it. Does he do this outside of Galway as well? I’ve checked their website but doesn’t look like it. I’ll check if there are similar classes in Cork. I am a musician myself so would be very much into sounds & relaxation. Part of a wedding band in Cork but I also do other music including original stuff and Jazz.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this! Brilliant 🙂

    • It is really nice .. you should totally try to go to one when you get the chance. A great experience.

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