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Móna Wise works as a freelance writer and food stylist/photographer. She can be hired on an hourly basis and is open to negotiating her fee depending on your budget and the event in question.


Móna also gives talks on blogging (food or otherwise) and is available to do workshops should you be looking for anyone. In addition to this Móna can also be hired to set up and maintain a Facebook page for your business, can write and maintain an active and engaging blog to help build your eCommerce income stream if you have an online shop, and can also manage your Twitter account to keep your business name at the forefront of your tweeting customers. Móna also loves to write newsletters for small to medium sized businesses so if this is a chore you hate . . then she is the right lass for the job.

Blog critiquing

After critiquing nearly 100 blogs to date Móna offers this service for a nominal fee. She will critique your  ‘About page, PR page, Start Here page, etc. These pages are almost as important as your content pages but rarely get the attention they deserve.

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  • Content/Writing
  • Design/Photography

The critiquing might not be something you think you need, but nine times out of ten, you will learn a few tricks on how to engage your readers and draw them in to your stories making them always want to come back for more.


Ron Wise works as a consultant in the restaurant and baking industry. If your business is struggling to stay profitable and you want someone to give you an honest report on ‘why it is not working’ then he is the man for the job. Please do not reach out to hire him if you are unable to receive negative feedback about your business. While he is always happy to highlight the positive, identifying where you are going wrong is his strength.


Ron can also be hired to cater intimate dinner parties for an outrageously high hourly fee. He is good at what he does but will not do the dishes or serve your guests. You need to find someone else to do that.


Please take note:


While we do, in some cases, offer our services for free to causes we believe in supporting, please respect that we have four small children who desperately would love to go to Disney on a holiday. There is no shame in trying to earn a living so please respect that we must charge for our words, photos and culinary skills. Asking us to work for free will almost always offend us. Thank you for your understanding.


We can be reached at MonaZWise@GMail.com


Why People Hire Us  

People hire us for many professional reasons including but not limited to the following approaches we take to working with you and your business needs.


HONESTY – We will be honest with you. We are not “yes” people. We will not tell you what you want to hear just to get your business.  We will earn your business through integrity.


REPUTATION – Our name is our trademark. Most of our business is by referral. Sometimes we deal with sensitive information on what makes a company tick (or not) and we will not put that privacy at risk for our clients or ourselves.


EXPERIENCE – We have (combined) over forty years in the food (and customer) service industry. We apply our knowledge of behavior and business motivation of individuals to your business where success and results will be most effective.


RESULTS – Our aim is to exceed your expectations. Business is about people; customers and employees. We want to help you maximize the result of your greatest asset while ensuring you nurture those you gainfully employ.

About Móna
I am a native Galway girl that seems to be drawn to professions that rhyme with 'err'. Writer, Mother, Restauranteur, Wedding Planner, Dishwasher, Grass cutter, Cocktail maker. I suppose you could say I am a well rounded entrepreneur.
You can find me here
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Ron Wise About the Chef
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