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Sep 16 2012

Does Bacon make you happy?

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Where, oh where, did the time go?

We moved back home to Galway 4 years ago. After having spent 15 years in America (Cincinnati, Ohio) then one very educational year in Zurich, Switzerland, we touched down on Irish soil on August 2008 with little or no expectations; all we knew is that it would be raining.

We trundled back into the town of Galway and made ourselves quite at home. The first year was absolute hell. The Chef kept pining for, and not finding, every kind of American ingredient a chef could think of. He kept comparing the price of this in euros to the price of that in dollars. After one or two ‘come to Jesus meetings’ with him he finally got with the program and realised we were not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy.

Baking bliss followed with his job at Mortons of Salthill where he got his daily baking groove on after having had an almost two year career break.

I asked him a few weeks ago if he missed his old life still and how does he feel about living in Galway now.

And true to fashion, him being a Chef and all, his answer will not surprise.

‘Bacon. I miss bacon. Oh and our friends too. I really miss our friends.’

I had planned on writing about the hardship of moving from the US to Switzerland to Ireland all with two wains under the age of 4 (at the time) but who needs to read that drivel when we (apparently) have a crises on our hands.


I remained calm and then flew out the door with my wallet determined to fix this issue, feeling confident that we have enough rashers of bacon in Ireland to beat the band, so surely ONE of them will sate him, right?

(NB: Expert bloggers state that 200 words per blog post is the PERFECT amount of words otherwise you run the risk of loosing the readers interest. I am already at 325 so feel free to tune out and let the pictures tell the story from here on…be in Sun-daze-haze if you will).


Good honest Irish bacon


There are waaaaaaaay too many Irish bacon products on the market. Between the fat salty rashers or the thick cut smoked streaky …  it took us weeks to work our way through them all. We opted for smoked streaky rashers because that is what he would always have eaten, and cooked with, in the US.

These Irish ones (above) were a bit too thick.

Spanish Bacon


The Spanish ones sizzled and spat and curled in the pan and had a distinct smoked almost proscuitto-like taste to them.

Tesco’s smoked streaky rashers


The old reliables from Tesco where just that. Not too salty, not to fatty, not to controversial at all.

If you are aghast to discover that we (a) shop at Tesco and (b) eat bacon from an unknown source ………then here is another shocker.

Occasionally, we have been known to take the kids to McDonalds. Now.You.Know.

Aaaaaaaannnnndddd …. back to Bacon.

Fearing that I might never get him to stop pining for his bacon back home I took matters into my own hands and made him pick one. Pick a bacon that comes closest to the bacon he misses from back home and be done with the pining.

Spain won folks. Hands down.

So, if y’all are looking for an ‘American style bacon’ this Spanish one (Campofrío) is available at all the grocery stores now (even Centra and Supervalue etc.). Incidentally … and this is the kicker guys. The Spanish bacon is actually owned by Oscar Mayer …. so it seems ladies and gentlemen, we can now get ‘American’ bacon in Ireland. Happiness is……..Bacon.

So whaddya do when you have all that bacon laying around and all these gorgeous tomatoes?

BLT time!

Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato … on toasted sesame bread with a bit of mayonnaise

So it seems that aside from having magic powers when it comes to curing a hangover, finding the right bacon can also keep a homesick Chef happy.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,



Disclosure : We still support farmers markets despite a massive infection I still have  from a spider bite last weekend, and we still – 95% of the time – only eat meat from a very local and reliable source. So no need to get your heckles up and start finger pointing now ….


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