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Apr 25 2015

Mindful Movements Equipment based Pilates – Galway – open day today (Saturday April 25th) at 2pm

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One of the damn near impossibilities for most mums (and dads) these days, is carving out a few hours a week of ‘me time’.

Kids, be they smallies in the sling, toddlers on the tear or older, they suck the life out of us. Ok, maybe they don’t suck the life out of us entirely, but our time is spent nurturing them and their needs; taxi driving them to their social and scholarly commitments. ‘Me time’ evades us.

Sometimes we need a good kick up the arse to remind us that if we don’t take care of the engine hauling the train, then the train might actually crash, or just stop working entirely.



Me, I am at that stage in my life where I have finally come to the realisation that I need ‘me time’. I need, want, and have earned at least a couple of hours a day where I focus on me. My health and my sanity (with four kids!!) demands it.

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you will notice I keep a fairly steady flow of #Sunrise photos in the photo stream. I have always been a morning person. Typically by 5:30am I am awake and ready to go. Keep in mind, I am usually fast asleep by 10pm each night, so am averaging 7 + hours of sleep on a good night. This, a healthy diet (thanks to my live in chef), a walk every morning and a weekly visit to my local Pilates studio ensures a few of the boxes are ticked when it comes to taking care of ‘me’.


If you are ready to carve out a few hours of time per week, for you, then today is the day to get started.

Sara O’Reilly owner and instructor at Mindful Movements studio here in Galway, is celebrating her first birthday today. Her studio is open to the public for a few hours this afternoon starting at 2pm and I would love to see a few of you there.


Many of you are probably wondering what ‘Equipment based’ Pilates really is, so I took a few photos of the lovely Sara herself using one of the beds yesterday. I know, I know … it looks like torture, and truth be told … it sometimes feels a bit like torture….


Trust me when I tell you – there is no sleeping on these beds!


Yes – Sara is smiling but I can assure you, once you get to the stage of being able to use one of these beds … it would be difficult to look this glamorous.


There are a few other free classes today, and I signed up for ‘Body Balance’ with Seámus, because lets face it, grace is not my middle name.


So. Is today the day you give it a shot? Are you going to drop the kids off to Granny or let your other half wing it for a few hours while you make a little ‘me’ time? What do you have to lose?


At the end of the day your health is your wealth …. make time for you.

See you this afternoon at

Mindful Movements (Sara O’Reilly)

Unit 14 A

Lisbon Business Park


(091) 760 004/087 138 1516

eMail: info@mindfulmovements.ie

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