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Aug 9 2015

College Prep Cookies for the Gluten intolerant

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Ah Cookies Cookies Cookies …. or biscuits depending on where you are from, right?

We have had a fantastic summer despite the fact that the weather has not been great. The kids and their cousins had a nice long run of things in July, and they are welcoming the ‘back to school’ chatter we have started around the house.


Last week, I met up with one of my friends, who is getting ready to send her eldest off to college. She was racing around buying him everything he might need during the day and forcing herself to teach him a few cooking tips and tricks, which he had zero interest in, every evening. She figured, that if she spent the month of August doing that, he might be able to survive without her. As we chatted, and nibbled on a batch of cookies I had just baked, she lamented the fact that she had not taught him enough skills in the kitchen. I sent her home with a recipe for the cookies.

Butter Coconut Oil

No matter how hard we try to prepare kids for moving out of the house and living on their own, even if co-habbing with other students, two things are going to happen.

1. They will survive and not die of starvation because most colleges/universities have canteens, and

2. They will still bring home their dirty laundry and clean out your cupboards when they come home.


One thing is for certain, if you are adept at all at making something they really LOVE, then you can be guaranteed they will always come home for their favourite dinner, or dessert.


I was thinking about our kids, and how we have at least 7 years before any of them are ready to head off to college, but I am still certain this is one of the treats I will be packing in their bags when they do go.

Rye Barley Oatmeal

If you are releasing a teen into the wild this September, then make up a few batches of this recipe and freeze them. Pack them with clear instructions for your teen then they can impress all their new friends when they whip up a batch of freshly baked cookies on their first weekend away from home.

This is not the time to shed a tear … rejoice in your new found freedom!


College Prep Cookies
Recipe type: Simple
Cuisine: Treat
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 

Serves: 24

Chewy oatmeal raisin n’ nut cookies
  • 8 oz / 225 g butter
  • 7 oz / 200 g caster sugar
  • 7 oz / 200 g soft brown sugar
  • 2 large eggs
  • 7.5 oz / 215 g Einkorn or Khorasan Flour
  • ½ tsp baking powder
  • ½ tsp salt
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 8 oz / 225 g cranberries (or mixed berries/raisins)
  • 8 oz / 225 g mixed nuts
  • 10 oz / 285 g rolled oats/rye/barley

  1. Preheat the oven to 175C
  2. Cream the butter with the sugars, and then beat in the eggs one at a time.
  3. Combine the flour, baking powder, salt and cinnamon, then mix into the butter/sugar/egg mixture.
  4. Now mix in the dried fruit and oats.
  5. Place balls the size of a large walnut onto a greased, non-stick baking tray (remember to allow room for them to spread, so about 9 cookies per baking tray) and cook for about 15 minutes or until verly lightly browned.
  6. Cool for a couple of minutes on the baking sheet, and then transfer to a cooling rack. Do not handle while they are hot, or they will crumble.


This recipe is the best for chewy Cranberry Oatmeal Raisin Cookies – so if you prefer crunchy cookies, let them cook a little longer at a lower temp. I like to make a double batch every time and I roll and freeze the extra cookie dough in clingfilm and keep it in the freezer for ’emergencies’. Whip it out, leave to thaw for ten minutes, slice and bake. Your friends will be very impressed. You will be very smug and have that ‘oh, it was nothing’ look about you. Well done.

Khorasan Kamut

Now – moving on to the exciting bit of news for those of you who suffer from Coeliacs disease or are Gluten intolerant.


We have been testing a couple of new bags of flour, and by new I mean very very old, here at home. The first one, is called Khorasan (or Kamut) flour and the second one is called Einkorn.

Both are ancient (wheat) grains, and in contrast with more modern forms of wheat, evidence suggests the gliadin protein of Einkorn may not be as toxic to sufferers of coeliacs disease. It has yet to be recommended in any of the GF diets, but I have a feeling this could happen in the next 12 months.  I will not lie to you – we are asking a few GF/Gluten intolerant/Coeliac family members and friends to be our guinea pigs and I will let you know the outcome, but so far so good!

In the meantime, just ask your local Evergreen.ie (in Ireland) or Jovial Foods (in USA) store to order the flour for you. They retail at €5.50 per 1kg bag (ouch) but are so much richer in flavour and texture. You will gladly overlook the price as you smell your cookies baking away in the oven.

Letting go of the kids is, apparently, a hard thing to do. Right now we are in the throes of teenage hell with our two eldest girls and in my mind, sending them off to college would be bliss … and by the time that does happen, I reckon they will be making their own cookies and heck, they are already doing their own laundry so things can only get better, right?

How is your summer going?

Móna x

May 3 2015

Polish shops in Galway. Grocery, Bakery and more!

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There are quite a few Polish shops in Galway. I have popped in and out of most of them, doing the odd price check on a few items but am always that little bit hesitant to go wild and buy lots of stuff, because let’s face it, my Polish sucks.

Several months ago, a friend of ours brought us a box full of Polish Doughnuts to give our kids a sugar high they have still not come down from. She had stopped in to a tiny little Polish bakery called The Little Teapot in the Liosbán shopping centre. (Take first RIGHT after the Ulster Bank).


So a few weeks later, the Chef, always interested in checking out the competition, popped in to see what they had on offer and he was quite impressed himself. These doughnuts, are a far cry from the Krispy Kremes you might be pining for. As a matter of fact, they aren’t really anything like the traditional sugar-sprinkled doughnuts-with-a-hole you might already love.


They are pillows of jam (or custard) filled goodness, best eaten fresh from the fryer. This little bakery is worth a visit.


They have a few tables and chairs, so you can have a cuppa coffee when you go. They have a host of other baked goods on offer too and everything is priced quite affordably.


Now, seeings as you are in the neighbourhood, right out in front, just a few doors down from the Ulster Bank along the main Tuam road (N-17), you will see a sign for what looks to be just another pizza place in Galway.


Be adventurous and pop in for lunch or supper sometime. Now, when you walk in the door, you will notice a decent amount of tables and way back in the back, the first thing you are going to spy is the massive Pizza oven and a guy tossing the dough around. Ok – so their pizza is pretty excellent.


Not quite as good as our favourite Pizza place, or our second favourite pizza place, but definitely worth your time and money. We like to get the large pizza (20″) as they make 3-pizzas-in-one for us and this suits all the tastebuds in our family. Be warned, the Diablo is hot-n-spicy – for real.

BUT the real reason to stop in here for a bite to eat, is the cafeteria style food they are serving in the back. Yes – the harsh glow of the yellow food lamps do not do it justice so I’m a gonna let my words do the work here.

The soup, never the dull-n-dreary ‘veg soup’ we still see in so many Irish eateries, changes on a regular basis but their light creamy broth loaded with al-dente broccoli is just a damn fine soup.

There are a few different sauces lined up to go along with whatever meat you choose as your staple. The choices range from breaded and fried Pork Chops (yes they are excellent), chicken breast pounded thin and smothered in sumptuous mozzarella, and a few other chicken and pork offerings.

Cabbage is a big staple in the Polish diet, but not as we know it. This place, puts on a display of five (possibly more) types of slaw and salads for the taking, and a couple of beetroot salads too. Because they are in Ireland, they are smart enough to keep spuds on the menu, offering mashed and roasties … which were just ok – nothing at all to write home about, but the sauces and gravies they offered alongside were good enough to make up for this. As an example, lunch for two adults, including a glass of their homemade mixed fruit (quite tart) juice offering was just under €20. You can’t beat it with a stick.

Now, I am sure you are wondering, why on earth am I blogging about a middle-of-the-road cafeteria-style restaurant located in the middle of a busy little industrial estate. There is nothing sexy about this right?

Wrong. Since I moved home to Galway (in 2008) the food scene has blossomed and bloomed in the loveliest of ways. Restaurants and cafés have popped up and a few  local and very talented chefs are interested in banding together to promote our city as the food capital of Ireland.

But a few high-end restaurants and over-sharing chefs, does not a strong city food-scene build. John McKenna was chatting with Keith Finnegan on the radio a few weeks back and he said that the reason Galway’s food scene was thriving, was because we had a lot of middle-of-the-road restaurants.

None of us eat dine at the fancy places once a week. When we go out to eat, with our without the brats, we want honest-to-goodness sustenance at a price that will not break the bank and the assurance we don’t have to do the dishes.

Sure, we want local, and more importantly want to see the restaurants support local farmers, but the reality is, middle of the road restaurants are here to stay and most of us love ’em.


Now, to wrap up my little spiel on the Polish goodness on offer in our little city-by-the-sea, gather up your shoppings bags and head to one of the more recently opened Polo Stores. They are loads of them in Dublin, and according to one of the lassies who works with Ron at Morton’s of Galway, this is one of the best Polish Grocery shops in town.

Polo Stores Galway

Unit 4, Tower House,

Tuam Road. Galway.

(091) 441 – 044


Now, I know … the packaging and labels are all in Polish, but trust me, that should not stop you from popping in for a look. There are a few things in this shop you need to buy.

Ron asked his co-worker (Marta) to meet us at the Polo Store last week and she gave us a translated tour of the shop. She.was.brilliant.

Right inside the door, the first thing she picked up was a packet of spice powder for a quick (3-day) pickle. Just add water and cucumber.

Right beside that, was a packet of dehydrated beetroot. I have ground this with my mortar and pestle and added it to mayonnaise and yoghurt. Oh-em-gee……delicious and, eh, pink!


Moving right along the aisles, the question begged ‘why are there over 20 different jars of pickles?’ Well, apparently, aside from a few that have chilis in the jar for a bit of extra heat, the only real difference is the brand label. Just made by a different company – nothing to be afraid of.

Marta’s advice was simple – if in doubt, look at the picture on the packet. For the most part, it tells you what the product is. My personal experience, in all the Polish shops in town, is to just ask for help. Clearly, and if you are a woman you will understand, this is the easiest thing to do. If you are a man however, it is kind of like asking for directions – and you might end up spreading shoe polish on your toast.

Speaking of toast ………


Sweet jeebus …. this little tub of mushroom paste … on toast, or a cracker, or added into a soup that needs flavour.  Definitely a great addition to a sandwich too.


Admittedly, we already have bag of chicken hearts in the freezer, but where else would you find this in Galway?


The frozen plums are perfect for your morning smoothie if that’s the kind of way you roll, but we love to roast ’em with honey and set them atop a bit of ice-cream.


The green label on the fresh soft cheese packets is low fat and the red is full fat.

Both packets are just excellent in flavour and price, and while you are in the refrigerated section look for little packets of fresh yeast (less than €1 per pack) and their Pork lard is pretty excellent quality too. It’s the makes you want to make a bit of pastry right away kinda-lard.

Ok – so this is the most I can offer on a rainy Sunday morning from Galway this bank holiday weekend. The main thing is to get in there and try something new.

We are headed over to the Claregalway Sunday Market to peruse the goodies on offer this week!

Thanks for stopping in for a read.


May 2 2015

Galway’s #BestScone – send in your nominations please!

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Ah …. nothing quite like a cup of tea and a scone.

Some like their scones warm with butter, a bit of jam or clotted cream. Some like them burnt a bit around the edges, caramelisation of the currants and raisins, and some like ’em hot outta the oven with nothing on ’em.

When it comes to finding ‘Galway’s Best Scone’ I thought about it for a few weeks before taking action. I chose a few places in the city centre, and a few in the outskirts.  All of them have damn fine reputations for their baked goods.

And why am I doing this I hear you ask? Well, because Goodalls Ireland is running their #BestScone competition again this year. Last year I was kinda disappointed that Galway did not win, even though Mitchell’s Café at Kylemore Abbey did make it to the final ten!

So this year, we have take it upon ourselves to find a few decent scones to nominate from right here in Galway!

I need your participation please, after you do your own research of course, I want you to hop over on to their Facebook page or send them a Tweet to nominate your favourite Galway Scone. If you look up the hashtag #BestScone on Twitter, you will see a long stream of scone nominations coming in from all over the country.

The Top Ten Best Scones in the country get in to the finals and the overall winner, aside from claiming the title of Irelands Best Scone, will also win €1,000 for their shop.

Shur – we could all use a few extra pennies in the purse guys n’ dolls.

So please, use my research as motivation to get your favourite scones on the map. Nominate today! (Because the deadline is May 8th, so hurry).


How ‪#‎Bestscone‬ competition works.

Firstly Goodalls invites nominations from the public (via Facebook and Twitter) as to who they think have the Best Scones in Ireland.

At the end of the nominations period the 10 businesses with the highest amount of nominations go forward to a public vote which will be worth 50% of the overall result.

The final 50% will be earned at the scone tasting at the Merrion Hotel in Dublin, by a panel of expert judges.

The marks will be counted and verified on the 8th June 2015 and a winner chosen!


Scones for the taking. Taste at Born.

I assembled a tasting panel of four experts, (no kids this time just industry experts) and we held a blind tasting. This is the best way to get totally unbiased feedback from a group of Galwegians, because trust me, their loyalty to certain businesss’ might just sway their decisions.

I know the photos below are not sexy, but there was a need to make this as simple as possible, giving the price and weight of the sone too – incase this matters to the reader, or the eater!

One thing I found interesting when reviewing the details with our tasting panel, was that in this instance, size actually didn’t matter.

The criteria we felt was important was simple:

–     Fruit content – this is very important

–     Mouthfeel (not gummy and not dry)

–     Over mixed/dense – don’t overwork the dough!

–     Balance of flavour (not too sweet, or salty, can you taste baking soda?)

–     Attractiveness (colour, shape, burnt or not!)

–     Is it fresh??

I weighed them all and shared the prices too. Keep in mind, both Kai Café and Taste at Born are more eat in cafés than take-away-bakery so their prices are that much higher and their scones are bigger. We also placed the scones in a low-lukewarm oven to give them all a chance to appear ‘fresh from the oven’.

To kick of our quest for #Galway’s #BestScone, we started at Galway’s Best Café!

I make no bones about it. #WeLOVEKai. I have had their scones on previous occasions and knew they would be contenders as all of their baked goods are pretty stellar.


Here is what the tasting panel had to say:

Expert 1: A bit doughy, great taste but not enough fruit.

Expert 2: A bit disappointing and not enough fruit.

Expert 3: Nice, but I really need butter and jam with it.

Expert 4: Not enough fruit but decent.


Next up, an institution of fine foods and wines in Galway for years, and slap bang in the middle of town, McCambridges of Galway.


Here is what the tasting panel had to say:

Expert 1: Way too dry. Fell apart when cut open and no fruit.

Expert 2: Very dry – and no fruit at all . This was clearly yesterday’s scone – not fresh.

Expert 3: Way too dry; No fruit at all. Tight crumb, no air and way over-mixed.

Expert 4: Dry. No fruit, or there was a bit of a raisin – but it was burnt.

(Note to readers … by ‘no fruit’ they mean when cut open the scone is bare but there are one or two raisins scattered on the edges – so technically there ‘is’ fruit, but clearly not enough).


Ok, the third scone we sampled came from the lovely Jenny – Taste at Born on the canal. If you have not been to this little café, then you need to put it on your list. Sitting on the banks of the canal, she has quite possibly the nicest outdoor patio in the city. AND, she  does not ‘charge extra’ for her gorgeous range of Gluten Free baked goods. She also makes the best cupcakes in Galway and is known to many as ‘the cupcake lady’.


Here is what the tasting panel had to say:

Expert 1: Would be better with butter and actually was.

Expert 2: Lacking in flavour but decent texture.

Expert 3: Too doughy, a bit under baked and could do with a bit more sugar.

Expert 4: Not enough flavour or fruit but nice texture.


Ok – moving on to number four, we cut open what I thought looked like a stellar scone. A bit square, and loaded with fruit, it looked like the kind of scone we used to have as kids. This one came from The Oven Door, at No. 3 Middle Street (close to entrance of Augustinian church) and their phone number is (091) 563 805.

Interestingly enough, these guys have zero web presence hence the sharing above of physical address and phone number.

They are aptly named, because you walk in the door of their tiny shop and are practically in their oven. Floured from head to toe, the pleasant bakers are there to tempt you with tarts, scones, bread and a slew of other beautiful traditionally baked Irish goodies.



Here is what the tasting panel had to say:

Expert 1: The crust is really lovely and this scone is loaded with fruit.

Expert 2: Loved the crunch of the crust and texture. Might have found a little baking soda aftertaste but not offensive.

Expert 3: I’d buy this scone again. Just lovely.

Expert 4: Great flavour and fruit. From the looks of it might not buy it as I prefer a more ‘well done’ scone, but this was very nice.


And now, we move on to Griffins Bakery, located down the town near the Kings Head. A favourite bakery of many a native and tourist, Griffins has been feeding the city of the tribes for decades.




Here is what the tasting panel had to say:

Expert 1: This looks and feels very strange. The texture is very different to the other scones and the taste and mouthfeel is just weird.

Expert 2: Way too salty. It is not like a fruit scone, even though it has fruit.

Expert 3: This looks and tastes like an American savoury biscuit. Like the ones you have with sausage gravy for breakfast. I don’t like it.

Expert 4: This tastes very different. It tastes like it is supposed to be a savoury scone maybe? It seems like they used a different flour too as it is nothing like the other scones in texture, weight or to look at.


Moving on to number six, we sliced into the scones from The Gourmet Tart. Now, as I live with a baker, there is very little need for me to buy a loaf of bread around here, but I have been known to purchase their seeded Ciabatta on occasion.


Here is what the tasting panel had to say:

Expert 1: This tastes burnt. The raisins are hard and there is not enough fruit.

Expert 2: Burnt outside and undercooked in the middle. The oven was too hot.

Expert 3: I just don’t like it. It is too doughy/under baked in the middle.

Expert 4: This is kind of like eating cream crackers. It’s doughy and dry at the same time. and a bit of a slimy-across-the-tongue texture.


And last but not least, we finished up with Morton’s of Galway. Now, as we were doing a blind tasting, you can be sure that the tasters did not have a clue they were rating my husband’s scone. Had they even tried to guess, it would have been impossible because  all scones were so different. Had the panelists known they were sampling his morning efforts, they might have shown bias or have chosen not be honest enough with him – just to spare his hurt feelings, bless their little hearts.

Feedback is crucial folks. Be it positive or negative. We can always learn from a bit of criticism.


Here is what the tasting panel had to say:

Expert 1: There is not enough fruit. The cranberries are lovely – just need more. The scone is delicious.

Expert 2: Baked perfectly. Great crunch, mouthfeel and texture. More fruit please. I’d up the price to €0.90 and add loads more cranberries. ( I wonder how Eric Morton will feel about this?)

Expert 3: This is a good scone. I’d buy it again.

Expert 4: A bit salty and shaped too perfectly but not bad.


So there you have it guys and dolls.


It was clear to us which bakeries were using a high quality flour and just raw ingredients. Some are using a premixed ‘just add water’ kind of mix and others are using a product that has lots of dough conditioners and modifiers in it.

A pre-mix is not necessarily the end of the world, and many bakeries use this because it is hard to offer consistency when you have a (sometimes) transitional staff. One baker makes and bakes the first batch in the morning and the lunchtime baker does the next batch. The first baker might mix his batch by hand, making sure the dough is never overworked and sticks to the recipe. The second-shift baker might throw it all into the mixer because they are in a hurry and could forget to add salt if not following the recipe.

You can’t compete with a bakery that offers consistency all year round. They are the ones who deserve the title of #BestScone in Galway and Ireland for that matter.


Kai Café always showcases the most beautiful baked goods.

So, our panelists all agreed that Kai and Morton’s shared second place and Taste at Born  ranked third.


Only one bakery had their ingredients listed – Morton’s (eggs, butter, marg, flour, salt, sugar, raising agent, milk, cream, buttermilk, cranberries). Morton’s takes the lead in offering the cheapest scone out of the bunch listed here, an they also offer mini scones at €0.38 ea – this is a great deal.

The clear winner for all panelists was:

Number FOUR – The Oven Door


So now that I have done all the hard work for you and whetted your appetite for a lovely warm scone this dreary dismal Saturday morning, can you let your fingers do the walking and please nominate your favourite scone in Galway!

Vote here on Facebook or here on Twitter.

Thanks for reading along and enjoy the bank holiday weekend!



If you would like to be added to our panel of expert tasters for future research, shoot me an email at MonaZWise {at} GMail {dot} com

And if you have a favourite scone – leave  a comment right here below telling us why it is so great, and share a link so everyone else can check them out.

I have already heard from a few people over on Instagram that PoppySeed in Galway and The Hungry BookWorm in Loughrea have excellent scones.


May 5 2014

{Event} Blue Teapot Theatre Company

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imageThe Blue Teapot  Theatre Company

Silkes, Munster Avenue


(091) 520 – 977



Girls smiling


Just around the corner from Kai café sits the Blue Teapot Theatre Company. The two lassies in the above photos are not only neighbours, they are friends and have joined forces to raise some money for the next drama production the Blue Teapot Theatre will produce for the Galway Arts Festival – it’s called ‘ID’.

From July 16, 2014 to July 26, 2014
Blue Teapot Theatre, Munster Avenue, Galway city

iD: identity                 iD: intellectual Disability

‘Who do you think I am’.

iD experiences the world as seen through the eyes of people with intellectual disability and also questions our perceptions of identity along the way.

The world premiere of iD will be unveiled in the Galway Arts Festival this year. This innovative and entertaining new work is conceived & presented by the actors in collaboration with Director, Scott Williams and Dramaturg, Gavin Kostick.




Jess Murphy, always wearing her generous heart on her sleeve, heard that Petal (the director of the Blue Teapot Theatre) had just launched a Fundit campaign to raise the necessary funds for their new show and she jumped in with both feet. How about a pop-up dinner at the theatre?

The folks at the theatre were only too delighted to get a bit of help, and even a bit shocked, because no one has ever proposed such a thing before and the Blue Teapot Theatre has been around since 1996.

Photo: by Reg Gordon

Photo: by Reg Gordon

So first things first folks …  ask yourself ‘do you have a few extra pennies, dimes, dollars, euros or pounds to spare?’ If so then please help support this FundIt campaign – especially those of you living so far away you can’t make it to the pop-up supper on Friday May 16th 2014.


If you want to be part of the fun and attend the pop-up dinner on Friday May 16th, 2014 then have a look at the long list of people who are only too happy to donate their time and their food and wine. We are most fortunate to live in a city (and country) that is bursting with generosity. If this does not whet the appetite I am not sure what will.

All goods – save but a few tiny items like plates and linens – will be donated for the evening and Jess hopes to raise close to €6,000 for the Blue Teapot Theatre company.

Helping Jess out in the kitchen for the evening is Enda McEvoy – Galway’s first and only Michelin star chef. Enda was kind enough to jump in (also with both feet) even though he is in the throes of gearing up to open his own place slap bang in the heart of the city – LOAM. Stay tuned on this one, it is sure to be delicious.

You can watch a little video chat with him and Jess right here.

Also lending Jess a hand is Louise Bannon of NOMA (listed again recently as the best restaurant in the world) .. she is in town for the Ballymaloe Literary fest and is making a little time to dish up a few tasty plates with her mates. These chefs are quite the force guys. They get.shit.done.

louise bannon

Louise Bannon – NOMA restaurant

Aran McMahon from Café Rua will start of the evening by serving Rhubarb Belinis to the crowd and  Kevin Powell – noisemaker at Gruel Guerrilla and famous for his pop ups in Dublin with News of the Curd – too is donating a helping hand with service for the evening.

Although killing himself on the campaign trail, Seámus Sheridan also took a few minutes to join in the fun and is lining up the wines for the night with Enrico Fantasia from Grape Circus. This is always the fun part!

Eric Morton

There will, of course be bread – which Morton’s of Galway are only too happy to donate …

Ron Wise - Morton's of Galway

Cuinneog are donating important ingredients like cream, butter and sour cream …… Tony Garraha from Lough Boora Farm is donating all the fabulous greens and floral edibles needed for the menu – which is going to resemble a midsummers night meal .. There is talk of a beautiful beetroot salad, a fresh fish ceviche and of course Brady’s butcher in Athenry has donated all the meat.

I can only imagine ….. it all sounds …… delectable.

Urban Grind - header café sign exterior (1 of 1)

Padraig from Urban Grind (also in the neighbourhood and eager to meet y’all) is donating the exquisite (3fe) coffee …. I could use a cup right now … and incase that does not sound like enough … didn’t Seámus Sheridan come back and offer to donate the cheese to wrap up the evening …

The evening will be captured by one of my favourite photographers Reg Gordon and if you are able to attend this event, make sure you find him and say hi – aside from being incredibly talented, he is one heck of a nice guy to donate his time and talent to this event.

So there you have it … a list of people all offering to donate their time, money and food in the hopes that you will come and fill your bellies with a fabulous five-course (with wine) dinner on Friday May 16th, 2014.

Click here to donate or pick up the phone and call (091) 520-977 to book your place for the pop-up kitchen at Blue Teapot Theatre.

Thanks folks … t’is not often I ask for your help and as usual we have something to sweeten the pot … Ron and I cannot attend this event as we are tied up with a work thing already that evening but we are happy to donate our two tickets (worth €150) to a lucky reader.

Here is the kicker … you have to be subscribed to our WiseWords blog (sign up here) and because this is a time sensitive event and fundraiser, we are asking that you donate at least a few euros to the FundIT campaign. We will pick a winner on Tuesday evening (May 13th) giving you plenty of time to organise a babysitter or a taxi .. because I am sure this is going to be a fabulous night out in Galway.

Just leave me a comment down below letting me know you have already made a small donation and I will throw your name in the hat and we will join you for the cheese course!

That’s all for now folks … thanks for tuning in.




Mar 11 2014

Morton’s of Galway

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Morton’s of Galway

Purveyors of cheese, fresh fish, bespoke butchering and beautiful breads all washed down with a wonderful selection of wines.

Salthill (beside the Warwick Hotel), Galway

(091) 522-237


Odd, considering my husband has been baking his little heart out here for four years already, that I have not blogged about it before.

A small little shop on the edge of Salthill and only a stones thrown from the beach, you will be surprised to find so much crammed into this little shop.


Maybe I was just waiting for him to settle in? To make sure that he liked it enough to stay there?

When we moved back home to Galway in 2008, it took him a long time to settle.

The first place he worked at was too big, the second place treated their employees like dirt, and now – just like Goldilocks – this little gem of a shop seems to be just the right fit for himself.


It’s the cake job really – as he only works Monday through Friday from 8am – 2pm and has weekends and bank holidays off.

His baking day starts the night before … at 7:30pm he starts a mix called ‘Poolish’ which is used for his daily white breads which consist of Ciabatta, Foccaccia and Pizza.

He also keeps his sourdough fed here at home and another tub of it at work and makes several loafs of beautiful Sourdough each day – selling an 800g loaf for €2.00.

The prices on the other breads range from €1.50 – €3 per loaf.


Aside from all the bread, they also make a delicious selection of ‘foods-to-go’ each day and this is where the shop becomes a one-stop-shop kinda place.

Traditional dishes like Fish Pie, or Shepherds Pie and a couple of Pasta dishes line the shelves, and occassionally Paella is thrown in to the mix –   keeping it affordable at €5.99.


It is the kind of shop you almost have to go out of your way to pay a visit too – due to the location and it not being city-centre – and I just wanted to let you know that it is certainly worth your while.

Eric Morton, the owner, has excellent taste and passion for wines. You can see this with the selection he has on offer. The wines are priced well and there are always a few gems in the bargain bin.


He’s a dab hand at selecting cheese too – so if you are trying to put a birthday basket together for someone, or even a small hamper for your Mum on Mothers day (March 30th in Ireland) then seek him out for a bit of advice. He is only too happy to help and they make gorgeous gift baskets. Hint hint honey …


Over at the deli counter the Morton’s crew are ready and willing to take your loaf of bread and turn it into a nice big fat sandwich. They have a fine selection of cured meats, cheeses and roasted veggies for you to choose from.                 If the sun sticks around, I reckon this is the best place to grab a to-go lunch and hit the prom for a lovely walk filling your lungs with the sea air.

Morton’s is less than a fifteen minute (with long legs) walk from  Galway city centre and if you have never popped in for a visit, now is a great time because the bread is just popping out of the oven!


He also does speciality birthday cakes etc. so ask for Ron when you stop in – he loves to talk bread with anyone.

That’s all for today folks …

I just submitted my first ever effort at a radio documentary – it turned out alright. Have a listen if you have 30 minutes to kill on your daily commute.

We are finally starting to see a little sun here in the West and with only a few more weeks of class left to finish up my MA in Journalism … I have spring fever . .

Watch out world .. hibernation has ended!


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